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Needs a location

What we're about

Recap of the first meeting

We would like to thank all of you who attended our first meeting! As promised, here is a recap of the meeting:

First, we went over the lean startup and discussed various techniques that could be applied during different stages of the process. Here is a link to the presentation:

Then, the discussion turned over to innovation where we discussed two Blue Ocean Strategy tools:

• The Strategy Canvas

• Buyer Utility Map

Isaac is leaving town for a few weeks on business trip, therefore we will arrange the next meeting after he returns.

In the meantime, we would like your feedback on meeting times and locations.

Please let us know which day of the week you prefer and whether you want to meet in the morning, afternoon or night. We are also open to changing locations since we understand that it is difficult driving all the way out to Van Nuys.

So let us know!

How do meetings work?

This is a free meetup where members will learn, practice and apply Lean Startup and Jobs-to-be-Done methodologies to solve their business problems.

The meetings will be held in the following format:

• Each meeting will start with a brief lecture and discussion on practical Lean Startup and JTBD related topics, tools and techniques

• Next, members will present their business problems and the rest of the team members will offer solutions based on the methodologies we will discuss

• At the end of the presentation, the presenter will decide on tasks they would complete and prepare to report back during the next meeting

This process will continue for each presenter until their problem is solved, performance is increased, or when they decide to stop.

Topics for discussion during the next meetings:

• Lean Startup tools and techniques

• Net Promoter Score - a tool used to calculate customer engagement

• Opportunity Matrix - a tool used to calculate and rank opportunities in innovation

• TOWS Matrix - an extension of SWOT analysis to shape your company's strategy

• The 5 Whys Technique - a process to understand the root cause of a problem

• Strategy Canvas - a framework for building a compelling Blue Ocean Strategy

• Utility Map - outlines all the levers companies can pull to deliver value and various experiences to buyers. Also from the Blue Ocean Strategy.

• ERRC Grid - four actions for companies to create a new value curve from the Blue Ocean Strategy

• Push Pull Habit Anxiety - a tool used to understand the forces working on your customer when deciding to purchase your product.

• Customer Journey Map - a tool used to capture the relationship between a product and the customer from the customer's perspective.

Who is it for?

This is for Lean and JTBD practitioners and non-practitioners. Whether you have a business with specific problems you want to fix, or if you want to gain knowledge and learn practical techniques, join us!

We do have two requirements. Members must:

1. be open-minded and willing to accept and apply lean principles

2. commit to participating and/or contributing to group activities

Why is it special?

We believe that our format will allow members to sharpen their business skills whether they decide to present their business problems or to act as "consultants."

Where will the meeting be held?

Van Nuys, CA

Let us know if you have any questions. We hope to see you at our meetings!

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