What we're about

This meetup is dedicated to bringing together statisticians, data scientists, ML/AI engineers, computer scientists, and algorithm enthusiasts to brainstorm algorithmic solutions to interesting problems.

After almost a decade of working in statistics, I've realized my favorite part of the job is the creative process of solving novel problems. This meetup facilitates this in a fun and informal setting.

This meetup usually takes 2 hours. Here's the general structure:
• 45 minutes of drinks, snacks, and getting to know each other
• 15 minutes presentation of a topic
• 45 minutes brainstorming
• 15 minutes organizing results of brainstorm

After the meetup, a summary of the discussion and ideas will be emailed out to any interested attendees.

We're always looking to new and exciting topics. If you've got an interesting problem you're trying to solve, please reach out and we'll dedicate a meetup to exploring solutions!

I look forward to meeting you all at upcoming events!

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