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Dining with strangers is fun. Seriously.

I wanted to start this Meetup because I absolutely love meeting new people, but found the larger Meetups to be a bit too overwhelming. What if I'm not really that into hiking... or chihuahuas... or boozefests? In "Table for 6" we'll set up monthly dinners for -- you guessed it -- you and 5 others. We'll explore approachable restaurants in Austin. Good food and good conversation. If you're single, great. If you're a part of a couple and want to meet other couples, that's great too. Just let me know. I found that 6 is a perfect number to get to know each other, and everyone can participate in the same conversation.

Update March 2018... I renamed this "Somer's Table for 6" not because of my huge ego, but because Table-for-6's are popping up and causing confusion. This "Table for 6" Meetup is not affiliated with any other Meetups, even if they have the same exact description. We're taking it as a compliment ;)

Update July 2019... I moved to Austin! This group grew to over 900 members in Washington DC and I had such a blast running it. I typically reserve 5 tables of 6 people each; 30 people showing up to a restaurant is all I can handle and stay sane! I've learned how to run a tight ship, sending out the seating list in advance, ensuring that this group has a serious no-show policy, and other stuff like that. Can't wait to launch it here in my new town!

Here's the DC/Virginia one that started it all: https://www.meetup.com/Table-for-6-NoVA/

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Table for 6 - lunch/brunch at The Peached Tortilla

The Peached Tortilla

Hi everyone, I'm back and ready for our next event! I've heard people ask for something more north, and for something more brunch-oriented. Well here we go! We have two tables at The Peached Tortilla for lunch. One is at 1pm, the other at 1:15pm. I'll post the seating list and your specific table / time to arrive closer to the date. This came recommended from one of our meetup members -- thank you! Steve and I had dinner here yesterday with friends and it was really good. Please only RSVP if you really truly intend to come. And if the waitlist is long please RSVP anyway because there's always a flurry of activity the week of. I called and they're cool with separate checks. Phew. And by the way, my name will slowly start changing on my payment methods below. Every site has their own rules (PayPal requires a marriage license. Venmo... I just changed it -- easy.) It's a process. But for a good reason :) The lunch menu is here, link below. It looks like they only have official "brunch" on Sundays but they do have brunchable items on their regular lunch menu: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/593a08002994caa3437aa76d/t/5d739f3b6d7e84225d72c15f/1567858494087/Lunch-Menu-06_2019.pdf "The Peached Tortilla is a Southern-Asian Fusion Inspired award-winning food truck, full-service catering company and brick and mortar restaurant. In 2010, we started to roam the streets of Austin in our food truck, serving Asian and Southern-inspired tacos and sliders. Over the past six years, we have continued to grow our business, turning into a multi-truck operation, boutique full-service catering company, and most recently, our brick and mortar restaurant. Our brand is colorful, playful and happy, and the flavors of our food know no limits; to get peached is to be completely flavor smitten! We’re looking for someone who fully believes in our brand, is over the top in love with food, and wants nothing more than to ensure each guest leaves our catering event feeling superbly “peached” with the delicious food and impeccable service." --------------------------- Please note: • Close to the event I will post seating assignments, which include table numbers and your time to arrive. I always get there about 30 minutes early to greet everyone and ensure people can find their tablemates. I'll make a little placecard for you with your table number, and also a small sign for each table, so you can find them if a few people are already seated. • If you're bringing a guest, please add a +1 to your RSVP if they're not a part of the meetup group, so we ensure they have a spot. • If you're on time (which you should be, because you're a nice person), you will be awarded 10 Michelin Stars. These are mainly to feel proud about. • There is a charge of $2 to attend this event. This is to pay for Meetup fees (yes - they charge me to host the group) and also for the time/coordination that goes into putting this together for you guys. Thank you in advance. I accept payment through this site, paypal ([masked]), paypal link: https://www.paypal.me/SomerConley/2 , cash at the restaurant, or Venmo me @thisissomer - People have asked if they can hang out post Table-for-Six, to meet folks from the other tables. Of course! Feel free to use the message board here to plan. But that'll be something you guys do on your own, versus me coordinating. The purpose of the meetup, and what makes it work, is to meet people in a small group setting, versus those large happy hours. They're fun, but totally different than our group. I've made some amazing friendships via Table-for-Six and I'm happy to rally the troops for you. **The fine print** We take last minute changes and no-shows seriously given this isn't called Table for 6ish, or Table for Hopefully 4+ People. It's just not nice. If you cancel same-day or you are a no-show, you'll no longer be a part of the group. And please only RSVP yes if you're really really truly planning on coming.

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Table for 6 - dinner at Pitchfork Pretty

Pitchfork Pretty

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