What we're about

This group is intended for thought provoking discussion while we probe the essence of our existence, society, ourselves and our future. Looking for deep conversation with serious people who seek to better understand any thought-provoking topics raised. If you despise Elon Musk or Joe Rogan than this group is not for you because to me they represent vision and openness to ideas/change. (p.s. - please read ground rules at the bottom)

There will be two (2) streams of discussion and each scheduled event will include the word Practical or Phenomenal in the Event Name.

Here is the 'guideline' to use when deciding to register for a meetup:

If PHENOMENAL appears in the Event Name topics include exploring things like: What is the truth of our existence? Where do we come from and what lies beyond the stars we see? Are we truly free? Does the top 0.1% of the global super elite class conspire to keep society in check? Do we share a common consciousness across individuals and beyond?

If PRACTICAL appears in the Event Name topics include exploring things like: This series takes a sometimes serious, sometimes lighthearted look at life’s journey and the beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that shape how we deal with its challenges. Our discussions explore various ideas for reexamining, rethinking and possibly reconsidering beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that prevent us from moving closer to the life’s we are seeking.


1. It’s not acceptable to RSVP “yes” and be a no show. It’s fine to change from “yes” to “no” if something comes up BUT you need to do that prior to the event. You will be removed from the group if we don’t get at least 1-day notice or a good excuse for missing.

2. This is NOT a meetup group heavily focused on "enlightenment" or methods of obtaining such (e.g., Mediation, Prayer, etc..). Instead, my goal is to explore interesting topics and learn from one another which brings it's own "enlightenment".

3. I’m open to meeting anywhere in the central jersey area. If you have a meeting spot or a topic you’d like discussed, please let me know. I will create a running list of topics and go from there.

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