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Craving a space to have really deep conversations with other soul seekers about life, purpose, spirituality, metaphysics, energy healing, and divination tools?


I used to have a casual online Meetup like this, where people all over the world could show up and share wisdom (whether it was how to use pendulums or all about the Enneagram) or just really deep conversations about anything from sacred sexuality to the purpose of their lives.

And it was awesome.

So I’d love to do the same thing locally. To just get together and hold space for the types of deep and spiritually nourishing conversations we might not get to have anywhere else.

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Biweekly Somerville Psychic Salon at Forge

Forge Baking Company

We had a great first meeting, so we're going to try to keep this a biweekly thing. There are so many interesting healers, seekers, and deep thinkers in the area. Come hang out for some deep conversations around different spiritual philosophies and practices over a cup of tea or coffee. I'll grab a table again, and we can keep it pretty casual like last time, getting to know each other, teaching one another different modalities, and talking about how we'd like to co-create this space.

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Kickoff Somerville Psychic Salon at Forge

Forge Baking Company

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