What we're about

Whether you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, out of balance, or you’re simply feeling curious and wanting to self-explore and meditate, this is the group for you! This is a great group for those interested in growing and expanding their awareness, bettering the Self, and seeking inner peace and happiness.

This group will be the place where you get to feel comfortable with allowing yourself to fit outside the box, where we find peace with the unknown; peace in seeing, hearing, and being all parts of Self, free from imposed expectations and self-imposed perceptions of should be's.

This group will be a guide into opening the door to allow yourself permission to explore and be OK with the unknown, your thoughts, your wants, and your needs. Together we will learn to let your thoughts flow, to cultivate what is best within yourself, and to enhance your experiences of love, work, and play.

This will be an open group, group will meet weekly. Cost is $20 per weekly group session.

Come join us on this journey!

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