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hi soccer players,

this group is specifically designed for beginner and intermediate players trying to get into soccer. again, this group is for people who are trying to get into soccer, not people who are already playing it really well.

there are a bunch of other soccer leagues and meetups for people with higher experience levels. with that being said, if you are experienced, this group may not be right for you. we are trying to develop into better soccer players here. i believe we can only do that when the playing field is even with same-level skilled players.

games will be no more than 5vs5 so we can get more touches on the ball and gain experience as lower level players. with this being said, RSVPs matter. space is limited. if you RSVP ‘yes’, please honor it. if you can’t make it, change your RSVP to ‘no’ (at least 8 hours before start of game) so someone else can take your spot or if we have to cancel. if you have a habit of RSVPing yes but not showing, we will remove you from the group. do not take it personal if we do this. we asked for decency and that was not followed. meetup has an app on apple and android to make it very easy to make quick changes.

Simple rules and etiquette:

1. be friendly. no drama.
2. if you are late, please get ready (stretch, etc) and wait on the side. do not insert yourself into the game if you are late. you’re welcome to arrive late but be courteous.
3. no arguing over plays or goals. nothing is on the line, so no need to do this. we play by the honor system. friendly game bantering is cool.
4. Please respect peoples' time and follow thru on your word. If you RSVP yes, people rely on you to show. If you can't make it, change your RSVP to 'No' ASAP or 8 hours before start of game so someone on the wait-list can take your spot. First no-show is forgivable. After that, it may lead to a removal from group. We play in small-numbered games so every RSVP matters. Please keep your RSVP up-to-date, some people travel very long and far to play with us. Please be considerate to their time and travel situation. We need to know whether or not to cancel if there's not enough people that day.

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