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It has been exciting to see the requests to join and the descriptions of what people are working on! To clarify the goals of this MeetUp: during meetings we will introduce ourselves, work side by side on our own projects (for an hour or two), and brainstorm about any dilemmas/ideas that people want to share. This particular group will not be focused on workshopping/critiquing or discussing steps toward publication, although you’ll likely meet people who are interested in doing this together outside the scheduled meetings! If you are looking for critiquing/publication guidance, there are several MeetUp groups in the area that aim to provide that, including: 

Purposes of this group:

* Creating some social momentum to push our projects forward faster than we would otherwise do alone
* Learning from one another's approaches, stories, and perspectives
* Potentially meeting new friends outside our current social/work bubbles

**Who should join: \

** * Anyone who wants to work on any kind of writing (fiction or non-fiction, poetry or novel, short story or memoir, truly anything) in the company of others \


**What we'll do: \

* 1 hour of silent writing (you can use earbuds of course)
* 30mins of getting feedback and brainstorming for anyone who feels like sharing what they're working on (not necessary!)
* Maybe some volunteering to lead creative writing workshops in nearby schools/non-profits/etc, if there's interest?
* Let's set a threshold of at least 4 participants for events to happen

We can meet in a talking-allowed section in one of the Somerville or Cambridge public libraries, coffee shops, or in whatever other suitable venues y'all suggest. I can commit to leading these a few times a month, and if anyone's interested in co-organizing we could potentially switch off weeks to make it weekly.

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Writing Together!

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