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It has been exciting to see the requests to join and the descriptions of what people are working on! To clarify the goals of this MeetUp: during meetings we will introduce ourselves, work side by side on our own projects (for an hour or two), and brainstorm about any dilemmas/ideas that people want to share. This particular group will not be focused on workshopping/critiquing or discussing steps toward publication, although you’ll likely meet people who are interested in doing this together outside the scheduled meetings! If you are looking for critiquing/publication guidance, there are several MeetUp groups in the area that aim to provide that, including:




Purposes of this group:

* Creating some social momentum to push our projects forward faster than we would otherwise do alone

* Learning from one another's approaches, stories, and perspectives

* Potentially meeting new friends outside our current social/work bubbles

Who should join:
* Anyone who wants to work on any kind of writing (fiction or non-fiction, poetry or novel, short story or memoir, truly anything) in the company of others

What we'll do:

* 1 hour of silent writing (you can use earbuds of course)

* 30mins of getting feedback and brainstorming for anyone who feels like sharing what they're working on (not necessary!)

* Maybe some volunteering to lead creative writing workshops in nearby schools/non-profits/etc, if there's interest?

* Let's set a threshold of at least 4 participants for events to happen

We can meet in a talking-allowed section in one of the Somerville or Cambridge public libraries, coffee shops, or in whatever other suitable venues y'all suggest. I can commit to leading these a few times a month, and if anyone's interested in co-organizing we could potentially switch off weeks to make it weekly.

Upcoming events (1)

Writing in the Park

Foss Park

Hello everyone,

Let's meet up and do some writing in the sun. We'll tell each other about ourselves and our projects, work for an hour, then discuss how it went or what we're stuck on. If possible, bring a notebook and writing utensil rather than a laptop. You can either work on your own project, or on a prompt I'll bring.

Just a reminder: this MeetUp is not intended, at least not right off the bat, to be a critiquing group. The goal is to simply provide each other with support and inspiration - perhaps over time people will find critiquing buddies who are good fits in terms of style and interests.

* I'll keep the event at less than 10 people

* Let's be careful to maintain social distancing + try to keep masks on for the most part even while distanced (regardless of vaccination status), to make sure everyone feels comfortable

* Bring a yoga mat or blanket to sit on if you'd like

* If this location is not accessible to you, please let me know and I'll find a better spot for next time

* I'll keep an eye on the weather to reschedule if it turns gross

Please reach out with any questions or feedback for how to arrange this/future events. Thanks!

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