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What we're about

We hope you will join us for a wide range of activities towards self-development, enhancement and liberation with a variety of events from talks, workshops, live interactive musical events, conversation cafe's and more.

While we wait to be able to host live events we will hope to offer more Online ones in the meantime.

Come together - to Talk, Listen, Create, Engage, Dwell together and meet like minded people.

Most of the events will take place at The Centre, 1 Bath Place, Barnet, EN5 5XE

and here is a video tour inside of the building during an exhibition last year


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A conversation with The Universe - that made you unique

Online event

Presented by Tony Kearney - who is a well known workshop facilitator and is the author of five books including Who Owns the Future?, The Tao of Awe and How to be the Best Person in the World:)

He says

"OK so here's a couple of stats. to think about to begin with.
The Universe is about 13.8 billion years old and made up of lots and lots of energy, power, forces and atoms.

About 7 Octillion of those atoms go to make up little old you when they could have been used to make something else like maybe a nice table and chairs or perhaps even a part of a diplodocus!

So why did the Universe make you instead?

Did it have a specific purpose in mind or did it simply have enough tables and chairs already?

Clearly it stopped needing diplodocuses some time ago which is perhaps why they are extinct and you're not?

In this Zoom chat we shall be researching the Meaning of Life within life itself and looking for clues to find its reason and purpose for existing within your life and to maybe find the reason and purpose for your existence within its?

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The wonder of Water

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