Hello All,

The next song circle will be Saturday, January 19th at 7:00 p.m. The Circle will meet at my house in inner SE Portland. I will send the address several days prior to the event.

I’ll provide a snack or two and a bottle of red wine. Please bring a snack or a beverage to share. There will be a $2.00 donation to the kitty to defray meetup costs.

Each Circle is different, but they go something like this:

The Circles run from 7:00 to around 11:00 p.m. We start with a handful of people, and everyone grabs a chair, after having some refreshments and snacks.

We go around the circle and take turns deciding which song to play next. It’s ok to pass, and let the next person pick. The person who picks the song generally leads it. Most songs are group endeavors, but there’s generally one solo song a night, and can be more. If someone is a songwriter, they might be an original to share. There’s no pattern or theme unless it is a theme night: we’ll sing some Americana, Beatles, James Taylor, etc., blues, gospel, cowboy, old jazz, even the occasional show tune.

Some song circle attendees are accomplished musicians who add solos and can play various instruments. Other people just want to join and add their voices to the mix.

Each person brings two or three songs they’ve chosen for the evening with copies for all.

The song circle is really about the joy of playing and singing. Come join us!

Happy New Year everyone!