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Release Stress with Sonic Relaxation
Join us for an hour of sonic relaxation, meditation and stress release. Learn how sound/breathing techniques and more can help shift to a new state of being. The sounds can release dense and stressed energies for deep relaxation. Come and relax or meditate with the group. The Tibetan Bowls and flute, and guitar of "Sonic Yogi" Jonathan Adams have been used for meditation and relaxation by listeners around the world. The tracks have been received over 20 million plays and over 50,000 free downloads in just a few short years. The tracks can be heard on the InSight Timer app, Soundcloud, YouTube, the MindBliss app as well as Spotify, Itunes and more.. Come enjoy these sounds "live" for an hour at the Atlanta Center for Wellness. Sound and Music have the ability to reset our brainwaves and nervous system for deep and profound relaxation. This has been shown to help with anxiety relief and calming the entire nervous system. Come and meditate with the group, or just experience the deep relaxation of the sounds. Mats and blankets, and seating are provided at the center. 6100 Lake Forrest Drive Northeast · Sandy Springs, GA Note: enter on the right side of the building. This is to the right of the main glass doors. Enter 6100 * on the keypad to enter. That's 6100 "star". Go to fourth floor and follow the signs (to the right hallway) to the meditation room. Is there a better time for you? Please let us know.

atlanta center for wellness

6100 Lake Forrest Drive Northeast · Atlanta

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This is a group meditation and relaxation session featuring Live Tibetan Bowls, and Native American Flutes. Did you know that Sound waves can help alter brainwaves for deep states of relaxation and even euphoria? How would you like to feel high...stoned...euphoric... naturally!? Join me in exploring our innate human capability for feeling good from the inside out. Viewing the wisdom of ancient eastern practices in the light of modern scientific views, we'll also occasionally discuss how lifestyle practices (relaxation techniques and sound and frequency..and more) can cultivate positive neuro-chemicals, expanded consciousness and yes, even bliss ...all of which leads to less stress in the body and mind.

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