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ChiRunning is an effortless and injury-free running technique that will make you feel like you are running like the wind!

My goal in creating this meetup group is to create a ChiRunning Community here in the SF Bay Area, where our focus is on running more naturally, feeling lighter and more efficient, reducing impact and feeling simply amazing when we run.

Blending principles of Tai Chi, including core strength and posture, an inner focus, and the natural flow of energy, with the power and strength of running, ChiRunning is a safe, natural and energy efficient running form.​​​ ​ Whether new to running, already running to stay fit or racing and trying to PR, ChiRunning makes running easy by letting gravity do the work. You run from your core muscles, allow gravity to assist your forward momentum, and let your legs relax. This reduces impact and eliminates the cause of injury, helping you to run more safely, run for longer, feel lighter and more relaxed, run faster, and enjoy running for a lifetime.

I first began ChiRunning in 2005 while I was living in NYC. Being a competitive runner and triathlete, I experienced numerous running injuries over the years, which often meant pulling out of races at the last minute. The day I picked up a flyer with the caption "Injury Free Running" changed my life. ​​​​Inspired to teach YOU how to prevent injuries and run like the wind, I love working with anyone looking to improve their form, increase their speed or enhance their enjoyment of running.

Feel free to check out my website for more details: http://www.runningflows.com

I look forward to running with you!


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