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Wednesday game: The Morrow Project
It's a new world for our team members. It's only been a few months but they have made friends with interdimensional furry aliens, fallen in love, been shot at, almost irradiated, had friends blown up, come back from the dead (almost), freed a town from 'IMP's', helped secure a cure for radiation poisoning and are consolidating the region! Not bad for a group of less than 20! But things are changing....

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Welcome to our Sonoma County Tabletop RPG Meetup! Thanks for joining. We're currently running several different types of RPGs. They range from Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and 4th edition to Exalted and others which may include games like Traveler, Dark Heresy, Cthulu Tech and some board and card games. If you're willing to Gamemaster another type of game we would love to list it as well.

Some of our current games are long standing campaigns with a core group of players and they are already essentially closed to new participants unless new members are either specifically invited or they make an email or phone request to the DM, GM, or Storyteller.

There are several new games which are in need of players so we encourage you to check the website and forums often to see which games are allowing new players. We also have "One Shot" sessions which are open to any of the members. Again, if you are a GM, DM, or Storyteller we encourage you to list a game and see what response you get. To do this you would have to contact me and request Assistant Organizer privileges. We are also in need of new venues. If you have any suggestions or are willing to list a private venue please let us know.

This is a mature and open group of gamers. Most of our venues are private residences so we would like to get to know you first either in person or over the phone before you attend a session.

General game guidelines are as follows: No alcohol, no drugs. Respect the host, venue and other players. Members must stay active - if a player or GM is unresponsive, ie does not RSVP either yes or no to events or is inactive on the website without explanation for over two months, they may be removed from the group.

We are a fantastic group of players and GMs who consider each other "Friends". We are glad to have you join and we hope to see you at a game soon!


Ralph Sellite Jr.

Meetup Organizer

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