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Mythic Kemet: in darkness & in light

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Join us in Kemet, the ancient Egypt of mythic earth.
This game uses the Leaves of Chiaroscuro system ( (contact me for more information on this).

Currently we have a group of 4, and a spot open. Since this is an ongoing game, if you can't join up this Saturday but want to start next, that is welcome as well, just let me know.

Please note as well that our hours for this game are firm due to the schedules of existing players in the group.

Setting intro

It is the year 1320 (more commonly known as 1800 BC), the time of the 13th Dynasty. Welcome to the Bronze Age.

Your characters start in Waset (later known as Thebes), a city with a population of 40,000. Waset is also the capital of Ta-Resu (the Upper Kingdom). The Peraya (king) of Ta-Resu is Setutanpu. Martisen, his chief advisor, is also High Priest of the Temple of Khonsu.

Underneath them is a vast civil service, including a vizier (Pentaur by name) to keep it all running. Ten lavishly paid magistrates (judges) form the next echelon of importance. Regional officials called nomarchs govern the provinces, or nomes, of Ta-Resu.

The species of Mythic Kemet


And so did Set cut Osiris into many pieces which the goddess Isis did search for and Anubis did reunite, returning the god as Lord of Duat.

However not all of Osiris’ many fragments were in fact reunited with the rest of the god’s ba, instead they have found their way into unborn humans.

Some say that Anubis decided, instead of stitching these little pieces back into the whole of Osiris instead to stitch them into a mortal being. When this happens, an Osirion is born. Osirion’s are beings connected to the life and death cycle in a strange way.

As Osiris’ own fertility was lost and never recovered after he was slain, so too are Osirion a sterile race. Osirions are always born to human parents, and it is tradition that such a birth be sent to be raised amongst others of their kind, though occasionally human parents will hold fast to these strange children.


Storm, chaos, burning sand, the most hostile elements of nature. These things are in the very blood of a Sutey. They are elemental beings and are regarded quite differently by the upper kingdom than they are the lower.In the lower kingdom they are regarded as outcasts, and often villainized.

Some believe they are truly fiends come to bring illness, famine, pestilence and other ills. This is, in part because a large number of Sutey claim Set as their patron god and because some believe they actually are personal minions of the god (and apparently, those from certain other lands tend to call themselves children of Typhon).

In the upper kingdom they on the other hand may find they can garner equal parts fear and respect from humans. As hostile and untrustworthy as Set is, he too fights for the sun to assure it rises each day. He is the chaos of creation, not the chaos which seeks to wipe creation away, and those whom honor him like to remind others of this, and in the upper-kingdom, well, they remember.


Their very name means power, might. The sekhem are intelligent felines. Though humans have a legend that they were created when Sekhemet decided to gift some of her favored warriors with the shapes of lions and lionesses, most Sekhem refute this and claim no such kinship with humanity.


If anyone could steal from the very gods themselves and get away with it, well, it was the neheh, or at least the first of them. The first of them was according to lore a mage whom sought to gain the most powerful ba for himself, and manged through his art to seize upon the great Bennu and take Bennu’s ba (or at least a pretty good sized piece of it!) to make his own from.

While all mages are changed by their mysterious spiritual transmutation which grants them a ba, the first neheh’s transmutation birthed an entire new species. This didn’t go exactly how this mage planned though.

In any case, when he stole that divine spark, instead of it just cooperating and granting him its powers alone, it exploded into many little pieces, each becoming another bird and flying off. All these little birds became more neheh. In fact, if the common lore is true, these little birds were all the neheh there will ever be, and neheh are continually reborn.


Humans are the eldest of the world’s intelligent species, and of all intelligent beings are the most firmly grounded in earthly existence.