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An amazing opportunity to network, share, drink and dream big! Join an intimate group of forward thinking individuals and dream and visualize what you want to create for your future.

Dreaming & Visualizing is the first step in having what you want out of life. You cannot have what you want if you don't know what you want or how to get there. This session was created to support you in living a life you love, to live your dream and to empower and coaching you to take the steps to make it happen!

Who should join. This is for entrepreneurs, leaders, sales professionals, those who want to transition out of corporate, those who want change and something new and people who know there must be more to life.

You should join if, you want more out of life, want to make more money, want a change, want to be a part of a community that cares and supports your growth, want to learn more about sales, strategy, leadership, communicaiton and if you want the next 5 years of your life to be better than the last 5.

What you can expect. You can expect to meet and network with know people. To gather in a group setting, round table format. We will be brainstorming and discuss questions that are important to your future. We will talk about leadership, legacy, financial wealth, health and wellenss and barriers to success. We will learn from each other expereince and you will get specific feedback from Sophie, Sales and Leadership Strategist.

We will be discussing the following; where you want to be in 5 years, what your exit strategy is so that you can retire when you want to, what your back up plan is if you lost your job, couldn't work or something happend to your business, what you want your retirement to look like, what you want your legacy to be & what you want to be known for. You will gain insight to what's in your blindspot holding you back, you will leave inspired knowing what action to take, you will be empowered to own your life and live your dreams!

Created and Facilitated by Sophie Boyko, Leadership and Sales Strategist.

For all you considering to join I want you to know that most call me a leadership and sales strategist. I have spent the last 10 years training and developing some of North America's top executives and entrepreneurs. I have designed and faclitated programs in, business strategy, communication, leadership and sales.

I am most proud of this workshop. I created Drink & Dream Big to help inspire and empower ordinary people to be extraordinary leaders. I want to be known for making a difference and helping people live a life they love, inspiring them to go for their dreams and have the wealth they deserve. I gain most fulfillment when I empower a human being to break through their barriers and change their life. I believe anything is possible and have an incredible story to share.

I welcome you to this transforamtive and life chaning session.

Sophie Boyko

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