What we're about

This group is for anyone trying to organize their home (and life) who could use some support, encouragement, and out of the box organizing ideas.

***** "Clean up your room." *****
Such a simple idea, but so hard to do.

Sometimes all it takes is an encouraging word, friendly companionship, a good laugh or two, and some new ideas to get the ball rolling.

• Do you want to get organized, but it's just too intimidating doing it on your own - or even knowing where to start?
• Have you managed to clean and organize parts of your life, but are having problems maintaining it?
• Perhaps life circumstances have gotten in your way and you can't see your way out of the chaos?
• Or perhaps you never learned it growing up, and have no idea what a successful system would look like, and have been too embarrassed to ask.
• Are you stuck in a shame cycle after repeated attempts at organizing?
• Have you successfully worked with a professional organizer but were unable to maintain it once they left?
• Could you use some laughter, commiseration, practical ideas, and mutual support?

If you're trying to get your sh*t together but could use some help, advice, and encouragement, please join us!

Men and women welcome.

This a peer support group; as such membership is not suitable for professional organizers, or other professionals looking to solicit clients.

Although this group is welcome to anyone struggling with organization, we will not be dealing with DSM level hoarding issues (i.e. excessive attachment to and refusal to discard items). If you're struggling with hoarding related attachment to objects or animals we will be happy to recommend other resources.

Family members of hoarders, or those concerned that they may be straying into hoarding behaviours and are looking to prevent this, are welcomed.

General guidelines for acceptable behaviour are in effect. We follow the concepts outlined in Bob Sutton's wonderful book: 'The No Asshole Rule': 'Be considerate and respectful, and everybody can get along nicely.'

Members who no-show without reason will be removed, but are welcome to reapply.

***This group is affiliated with the Toronto Trauma Survivor Group.***

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