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Logos Saturdays: Goal setting, time wasting, and victimhood
Jordan Peterson asked his students if they waste 10 hours of their day. He said that 10% of the students raised their hands without him defining 'waste'. Then he asked for 6 hours and many more students raised their hands. He was proving that without him telling them that they have wasted time or that what they do is wasteful his students actively know they waste their own time. Is there a universal way to waste time or is waste determined from each individual's lifestyle and personality and perception? Do these questions rest on our knowledge of our goals, even when we are unconscious of them? These questions come up in the February interview by Joe Rogan. Video: Transcript: Also of interest in that piece is Peterson's definition of success... and of victimhood. He says in the beginning of this interview, "At some point you have to hand in your victim card. I think when you go to an Ivy League University- right then and there, because you don't get to be the oppressor and oppressed at the same time, that's just too much." Is he saying there are no limits on our ability to overcome our environments and just "grow up"?

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This is a group inspired by the message and example of Jordan B Peterson. It has two main functions:
1) A group of like-minded individuals, serious about sorting ourselves out. We share our goals and progress with each other, hold each other accountable, and provide support and encouragement on our journeys to better ourselves.
2) a forum to learn and discuss various aspects of Prof Peterson's message, including but not limited to these fields: Jungian thought in all its aspects, Masculinity/Femininity, Spirituality, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Mythology, Science, Metaphysics, etc.

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