What we're about

If you have found your way into this vortex then you are a brave and adventurous soul indeed....

I am a spiritual teacher, activist and author. During lifetimes of intensive study of the heart and soul, I have had many personal experiences of spiritual phenomena which has helped me gain profound knowledge of the higher realms of existence.

This group was created to make profound deep spiritual and social transformation fun, effective and powerful. We believe that you truly are love here at Soul Clearing, which means we'll work hard and play hard together until love and peace is what you live, act, be, exist and breath. Our purpose is to transform ourselves and the whole of humanity and together end all uneccessary suffering on the planet.

We've all had so much conditioning from spiritual communities, our families, the collective, our lifetimes that is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed in our spiritual journey and in our lives.

Never has the question 'Who am I?' been more openly asked and quietly misunderstood. This adventure in global conscious awakening has evolved into a deeper experience than could ever have been foreseen.

The universe is still discovering itself... and so are we...are you willing to give up everything you thought you were to experience life instead of knowing about it..to push and explore yourself further than you've ever had the courage to?

Joining us means you'll have loving guidance and support through this adventure, and most importantly, you'll have the pro-active opportunity to become your highest possibility. We'll use every tool at our disposal from sound healing, trance work, hypnosis, meditation and group adventures to make this life more loving than you ever imagined possible.

Come and grow with us, we would love to see you and welcome you personally to our curious, wonderful, family of free spirits and spiritual activists personally :)

Much Love and Happiness


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Gut Whispering Masterclass

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Theta Healing® Dig Deeper Online Course – Nov 2020

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Theta Healing® Advanced Online Course – Nov 2020

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