What we're about

Calling in all individuals who have been curious about mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual growth!

Meditations are held for the purpose of helping individuals in and around Loveland, CO step back from the intensity of everyday life and for focusing on the spirit so that you can start your day at a higher vibration.

We will have many meditation focuses that cover the full spectrum of spiritual, to purely mindful purposes. So if you do not feel comfortable with the more esoteric ideals, there are plenty of others to attend! Please give us a private message letting us know what you are and aren't comfortable with so that we can know this ahead of time.

We look forward to following the desires and feelings of the group, but will always have a meditation planned as well. Some days we will be utilizing musical sound healing for chakra stimulation during our sessions.

You can look forward to Meditation focuses such as :

-Mindfulness Meditation for developing the precision, peace, and wakefulness

-Reflective Meditation for developing inward awareness via the essences of our perceptive world

-Creative Meditation for channeling your mind's energy towards greater wisdom

-Concentration Meditation for honing the mind for strengthening attention and unification with the exploration of information

-Heart-Centered Meditation for leading by the Heart, feeling the world by the heart, and connecting to others by the heart

-Ancient Egyptian Meditative Methods

-White light healing for repairing and preparing all planes of bodies

-Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel Connection meditations

-Sound Healing/Silent Meditations

-Chakral focus

Ultimately, we seek to lower anxiety and brain fog, and develop communication skillsas well as your other senses for your environment. For all of these above methods contribute to these goals!

*It should be pointed out that we look forward to acknowledging the various Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Tibetan and other Eastern principles as we grow together as a group, however we intend to begin with our Western methods so to utilize our lenses before stepping into the more hefty concepts behind meditation down the line.

*Depending on attendance, we may divide the Western focused Meditations with the Eastern focused meditation sessions so that individuals will have the opportunity to choose where they would like to start. If sessions fill quickly, we will be having a second session per day (times TBD together).

Meditations are held at :

SOUL EMERGENCE STUDIO --a new space dedicated towards Mind Body Spirit Integration.

We look forward to any new comers at any time!

Please arrive 5 minutes early to sign in and get comfortable.

RSVP-ing will ensure a spot.

Walk-ins are welcome, but we cannot guarantee availability for a session in this case.

About the Session:

We prefer to keep the group around 8 people so that they are able to lie down.

Sessions will be 50 min-1 hr at first allowing for a few minutes for us to get to know each other and speak before we begin. If we find out that it is preferred to have quicker sessions, we can explore this as well.


A $5 cover charge helps us keep this wonderful space running for the community!

Every 7th session is free.

Prepaying for your attendances is welcome and we can help you with this in-person.

Package deals available!

Upcoming events (3)

Introduction to Tarot - A Holistic Approach to Accessing your Intuition

Curious about tarot and how it can assist you in tapping into your personal intuition? Join Sally Taylor for a free introductory class as we talk about the psychological and esoteric nature of the Tarot and how it can help you access information from your sub-conscious and beyond. We will be using the Rider Waite Smith deck to begin working with universal archetypes, a skill which will transfer to any tarot or oracle decks you may choose to use. Bring your own Rider Waite Smith deck or purchase one here at the beginning of the class. Let us know if you would like a deck reserved for you ahead of time so that we have enough on hand. We will be beginning an in depth six week tarot class starting the following Sunday 1/27/19 at 10 am. The free introductory meetup is s great opportunity to see if the longer 6 week class is right for you. Space is limited so sign up early if you know you want to learn more about this extraordinary tool.

How to Manifest in Aquarius Season! Coffee Bar and Waffles Hangout

Loco Artisan Coffee House

Head on down to LoCo Coffee Shop in Loveland this Sunday (the first day of Aquarius season) to learn all about the coming astrological season as well as how to best manifest within it! This is a great way to learn all about how to take advantage of February and the Aquarius energy. A hypnosis practitioner from Soul Emergence Studio will be speaking on how to attract the best people, bring forth abundance, and be in alignment with yourself during Aquarius season! This will also be LoCo Artisan's first day that they feature waffles! This will be a great opportunity to come and meet TONS of the most rad Loveland locals as they enjoy Sunday brunch along with some of the most bomb cappuccinos in NoCo!

Full Moon In Leo Gathering

Soul Emergence Studio

Join us at Soul Emergence Studio for a full moon in Leo gathering. We have a talk about the full moon & how to tune in and work with it's energy, journal, meditate, & end the evening with a Oracle card pull

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New Moon In Capricorn Gathering

Soul Emergence Studio

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