What we're about

We will start our journey to shine with self-love, raising your vibration, learning to co-create, mindfulness and tapping intuition to make right decisions. Create a loving relationship with self!! Fun fun fun....learn to shine-on!!

Your self love journey starts here...

All workshops will start with ritual, and meditation.

1. Vision Board (create clear vision of your dreams)

2. Earth Magick (series of 4 learn about herbs, crystals, elements and how to use all to raise vibration)

3. Candle Magick (learn to use oils, craving candles, power symbols to direct intention)

4. SoulWork Cards (build your own deck to get direction in life situations and learn about your shadows - series of 4 Workshops)

5. Paint and Co-create (Meditation leading to creative collages of answers from higher self)

6. Sacred Geometry (lean how to use sacred geometry and crystal to manifest)

7. Reiki Box co-creation (create a reiki box for co-creation)

8. Me Cards (create collection of Me cards to seek the clarity on your life path)

9. Tarot Card Workshop (learn the basics of tarot cards and give readings to friends & family)

10. Lenormand Card Workshop (learn to read and give readings to friends & family)

11. Gypsy Card & Oracle Workshop (learn how to read and give readings to friends & Family)

12. Basic Numerology Workshop (learn how to use your luck numbers and how they can empower you towards abundance)

13. Learn basic remedies to improve your vibration

Upcoming events (3)

Workshop - Crystal Garden (Terrarium) + mini tarot reading

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Workshop Advance $40, on the door $50 Bring your own glass bowl Or square box with your bigger crystals. And we will build a crystal garden with a divine intention for healing or love or abundance or success or job or nearly anything you would like to manifest. I will have small crystals, soil, succulents, ribbon, glitter etc for decorating. We’ll share Healing tea and fruits. This will be a lot of fun and exciting experience. Most definitely will raise any spaces vibration...this can be used as an altar as well...for you work desk, kitchen, or sacred space... Everyone who attends will get a mini tarot reading as well. Please make payment via venmo: @Nidz-Kapila If any issue please message me and I’ll send you picture of the code to scan. https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2383706958331904952

Candle Carving - Manifest your intention

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Candle Carving workshop $40 Candle is one of the easiest forms of practical manifestation. It uses the element of fire to focus your will on your desires. In this workshop, you will learn how to carve and charge candles for all intentions-using various symbols as well as creating your own. Meditation to start centering and invoking for inner guidance. This will be great fun and soulful experience. $40 entry includes 1 candles, oils, glitter, intention petition and use of candle carving tools. Glass encase is $5 extra per candle. This can be reused with new candles.

Build your own reiki box! Manifest with speed

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$40 Build your own reiki Box, box is yours to keep! I will provide the above reiki box with tree of life symbols. This box will be your place for gratitude, meditation, Crystals, your desires manifestation. This box will be charges with reiki energy. Please make advance payment by contacting me on[masked]. This is the only way I will know how many boxs to have available.

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