Power, Passion and Purpose Retreat

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Power, Passion and Purpose Retreat

May 2-4th

Power is your capacity and access to life force. It gives you impact, influence and traction. It is your capacity to create and manifest.

· Do you know there is MORE?

· Do you like to “play big”?

· Are you afraid of your full power? Been told you’re too intense?

· Do you often feel “too much” and/or “not enough”?

· Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels?

· Are you living the BIG life you know you are meant to live?

Passion is the spark, fire and fuel of desire that inspires, compels and moves you.

· Do you allow yourself to fully feel your desire? To act on your desire?

· Are you fully awake and alive?

· Are you creative and experimental?

· Do you feel, hear, know your calling?

· Does your life inspire you and others?

· Do you make choices based on pleasure and joy?

Purpose is your unique contribution to life and evolution itself. It is the expression of your soul in the world. It is not a role, it is a way of being.

· Does your life reflect your uniqueness?

· Are you feeling satisfied at the end of the day?

· Do you have a deep sense of meaning, direction and intention to your life?

· Do you want to contribute and engage the world more?

When power, passion and purpose align and amplify each other EVERYTHING is possible.

When out of balance or when one of them is lacking, there is a variety of ways it can show up: boredom, stagnation, burnout, feeling blocked, depression, lack of vision, overwhelm, power struggles, bullying, martyrdom, hopelessness, anger and a host of other challenges.

It’s okay to want even more!

In this retreat we will:

· Explore our push/pull about Power

· Explore our Fears as Just Desires

· Support you in Finding Your Unique Gifts

· Map your Power, Passion, Purpose Dynamics

· Identify what gets in your way and techniques for amplifying the 3 P’s.

· How Power, Passion and Purpose work together

· Create a “PPP” Plan for moving forward after the Retreat

Drawing from a wide range of teachings, modalities and experiential opportunities may include:

· Dance, movement, sound, Breathwork

· Mapping, Visioning, Guided Meditation

· Deep Inquiry and Self Exploration

· Teachings and Energetic Transmissions

· Working with Energy /Morphic Fields

· Individual Mentoring

· Laughter, Irreverence & Play

Place: Angel’s Rest Retreat Center, Leyden, MA (A wonderful retreat center with two hot tubs and 7 yummy meals)
Start: Friday, May 2, 4-6pm check- in, Dinner from 6-7pm. Workshop start 7:00pm
End: Sunday, May 4, at 6pm
Cost: Only $395 as special offer (usually $545)

Deposit: $200

Space limited to 22 participants!

A Note From Trish
For over 20 years, I’ve been on a personal journey of bringing my unique gifts forward in the world and coming to terms with my “bigness”…big energy, big dreams and big passion. In working with clients of all kinds, entrepreneurs, spiritual seekers, and mission driven individuals…over and over I hear of how they are afraid to really let themselves access their power and their desires. There is a common theme of fear of really showing up – that this will mean others will run, or they will judge or somehow they will no longer belong. This retreat is a call to those of you that are ready to join other passionate souls like you...in taking the next leap in your own evolution and manifestation.


1.) Email me with Request to Reserve Your Space [masked]

2.) Make Deposit through this PayPal link (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=RXBCU9U4RNMYG) or check to 29 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 02143

3.) If you have not worked with me (Trish) before, there is a short phone interview just to get to know you and your background. This enables me to better plan the retreat.

Fierce Love Retreats

Diving deep into ourselves, each other and community, Fierce Love retreats explore the multidimensional path of living as a fully embodied, passionate, warrior of love and life. Embracing opposites and paradoxes we explore our power, purpose, erotic nature and desires as we break open, healing and revealing our hearts and souls.

Testimonials about Trish’s last retreat:

“The workshop far exceeded my expectations. Your facilitation was masterful and the food was amazing. I love the way you intuitively adapt to the situation. I also really appreciate your energy and your approach to building community. I'm looking forward to being in community with you.” J.J.

“The Erotic & The Ecstatic Retreat was extraordinary, even life-changing. To discover the range of application of my sensual self was profoundly empowering. It was a weekend of great self-discovery, pleasure, friendship – and the deepest kind of laughter. I loved Trish’s hearty honesty – and the food, facility and fiancé were all tops. Keep it comin’ Trish! “ M.M.

“This was one of the best retreats that I have been to in a long time. I am more present and feel my potential more. I feel more of my erotic and ecstatic energy now. “ R.B.

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