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If you are over 18's and are intrigued/excited/terrified of using visual art-making, movement, breathwork and meaningful dialogue - (depending on the theme of the class) to evolve and deepen your personal Soul journey, and have your state of mind as the focus...then this is for you. If you are excited to meet like-minded people on a path to wholeness who engage in the notion that as a creator you are both the artist and the attentive witness; and if you love walking labyrinths to clear your mind and fuel your spirit, then this is it!

Freely express yourself and process your feelings in an energy-vibrant space (and sometimes in the garden) using movement, dialogue and visual art and I will facilitate you creating your talismanic Soul-Full picture.

Absolutely no [art] experience or previous soul-searching required; what is necessary is the desire to deepen your relationship with your inner unconscious Self in order to create a more complete expression of your Self.

Morning, evening and weekend/public holiday workshops. Fees R350/3hr class.

Times will vary from a 3 hour class to a full day workshop and weekend retreats depending on demand and requirements.

Please do remember in order for your spot to be held EFT your payment and then CONFIRM YOUR BOOKING BY TEXTING ME. Newbies - to maintain security kindly also note that the studio address will only be sent to your mobile phone so remember to send me a text to +27833031141 with your name and the date of the class you have RSVP'd for. This is also necessary so that someone on the waitlist can take your spot if you are not attending. (This is all part and parcel of becoming consciously creative.)

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that all content and personal sharing between participants must remain strictly confidential.

What a Soul-Full journey we are going to have - and what fun too!
So looking forward to meeting you!


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