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Developing our Intuitive Gifts – (Eight Class Series)
Details Developing our Intuitive Gifts – (Eight Class Series) Expansion beyond our Human Senses. Eight CLASSES - SET UP IN A GROUP LEARNING FORMAT Each Class is an evening workshop: Tuesdays beginning at 6.45pm – 9.15pm Please bring a light snack and your water bottle. COST $290.00 Early Bird rate (Register by Jan 10th) OR $340.00 Regular rate. Pre-registration amount (or deposit) is required. When you sign up, contact me directly through email. [masked] or Laura's website : I will follow up by sending you a registration document, including a payment plan. SUMMARY OF EACH CLASS 1. Our beginning as Intuitive Beings: Understanding why we have forgotten about Intuition Exploring the science behind intuition Practicing techniques to enter receptivity Turning ON our Intuition 2. Styles of Intuition: Learn about the various Intuitive Styles Become aware of your own two predominant ways of Intuiting. Understanding the misconceptions of media induced ideas Explore your own personal fear around trusting your intuition 3. Understanding Energy and Space Humans are Energy-beings having an Earth experience Introduction to your personal energetic system Exploring seeing and reading Auras How to create safe spaces Understanding energy frequencies Managing your own field of energy 4. Exploring Clairvoyance and Clairaudience Introducing various ways to recognize them in self Tools to Divinity – to enhance these gifts Reading Photographs Practice / Experiential portion of evening 5. Exploring Clairsentience and Claircognizance Understanding how the two work together Common challenges of these intuitive gifts Seeing the beauty of your own personal make-up Practice / Experiential portion of evening 6. Exploring Clairgustance and Clairolfaction Common ways in which they assist us Introduction to Mediumship Exploring how Mediums use these techniques in communicating beyond the veil How we can enhance our own use consciously Practice / Experiential portion of evening 7. Psychic Readings – Part 1 What is a Psychic or Intuitive Reading? Using our Personal-intuition to read another’s energy Ethics behind reading another’s energy Practice / Experiential portion of evening 8. Psychic Readings – Part 2 Review of methods used to do Readings Practice / Experiential portion of evening Committing to embracing our full Intuitive selves I'm very excited about this group of classes. I look forward to sharing this wisdom and information with you. Bring your pens and notebooks. Be prepared for a Intuitive Expansion while attending these weeks together With love always, Laura

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This is a group for anyone who is yearning to know more about Spiritual Development, Intuitive Gifts and Personal growth/Transformation. It is a guided interactive group which holds the intention that each of us have something significant to offer and share; and that often our stories become synchronistic - the very information or motivational force that is needed to assist another within the room. Learn more about the Divine God-Spark within each of us. Also recognize what an adventure it is, that we, (who are animated energetic beings) have volunteered to experience physicality upon this unique planet Earth. Meet others of like-mind who may add wisdom to some perplexing and non-productive patterns which often appear too close for us to decipher ourselves. Topics will vary and be created by the unique needs of the attending group interest.

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