• Would You Like to Learn Basic EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique Basics

    Would You Like to Learn Basic EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique Basics Helping you thrive in the modern world Wednesday evening 7-8 pm January 16, 2019 With Susan Russo $20 for adults children under 18 free * EFT Tapping is a simple way to resolve almost any emotional situation or problem and more on the spot * Anyone can learn EFT and use it in a variety of ways from the simplest to more complex * It is easy to remember, use just 1 tapping point in a strongly emotionally charged situation * What you will learn: * What is EFT and how it works * the basic EFT tapping points and how to use them * How to measure your level of distress before and after tapping, if you wish * What to focus on and say while tapping Would you like your children to have a quick and simple way to calm themselves down at school, on the pla yground, before a test, if they've encountered a bully? They can teach their friends too Have you had an encounter at work that really ticked you off? An annoying boss or coworker? A sudden job loss? New promotion jitters? Have you ever had a tense situation with extended family members? Club or professional group members? Have you experienced a traumatic event that seems to be affecting your life? EFT can assist with any of these situations and many others. EFT is to be used as an aid. You are 100% responsible for how you use it. Always seek care from a qualified professional for any health condition. Susan has 25 years experience in energy and body work and empowerment facilitation.

  • FREE Friday Night Open Meeting - Dream Interpretation Workshop

    Dream Interpretation Workshop Everyone dreams whether they realize it or not. Understanding our dreams takes some time and effort. This introductory talk will help you to first, remember your dreams and secondly help you to begin to understand them. Richard has worked with his dreams for over 30 years. He is trained in dream analysis and does this professionally as part of his Ministerial counseling practice. Cost: Love Donation

  • Empowered Empath - How to Manage Your Gift w/Cheryl Ramsey

    • What we'll do Are you told that you are TOO sensitive? That you wear your heart on your sleeve? Do you cry at the drop of a hat? If you answer “yes” to any of these, this workshop is designed for you. This workshop will help you figure out "you". Why you do certain things or act a certain way. Being an empath can be a curse when you don't have "tools" to manage it, but actually it is a blessing if you learn how to use this gift. Come learn about you, how to manage your gift and maybe there will be some "ah ha" moments for you as well! Cost $30 • What to bring Notebook, water bottle and snacks. • Important to know This class is for both adults and children.

  • Working with Your Inner Dragon w/Jason Maxson

    Soul Inspiration

    The Dragons can serve as powerful protectors and allies, but perhaps one of the most important things that we can learn from them is how to connect with our own inner power. In connecting with our own “Inner Dragon,” we start to recognize our own power and abilities as well as the support that we have in releasing and letting go of whatever it is that no longer serves us. In this class we will not only learn how to start to connect with our dragons, but through guided meditations we will also learn how to use this support and guidance to release and let go of whatever things aren’t serving us anymore to make room for whatever blessings, abundance, and gifts it may be that we truly deserve. Cost: $45

  • Connecting and Clearing with the Dragons w/Jason Maxson

    The dragons are powerful allies for guidance, protection and healing and each of us have the dragons available to us for these purposes. When get busy with our daily lives it can sometimes be easy to forget the support that we have, but in this dedicated class we will start by spending some time starting to identify some of the patterns, ideas or energy that we might need to let go of. Once we identify some of the energies that may need to be released, we will individually and collectively as a group connect with the dragons for support in releasing and letting go of whatever it may be that no longer serves our highest and greatest good. Cost: $20

  • Soul Inspiration Spiritual Practice Group

    Soul Inspiration

    Are you needing a place and people to practice your spiritual gifts with, would you like to expand your gifts and get constructive feedback from your peers, then this is the group for you. All modalities are welcome. We will begin with opening of the sacred space and introductions. We will then pair up and you can practice on each other. Cost: Love Donation

  • FREE Friday Night Open Meeting - Fun with Pendulum Dowsing II

    Prerequisite: Beginning Pendulum Dowsing Class or already are competent at using your pendulum. Let's see how much fun we can have dowsing for everyday living: *Dowsing for making the best purchasing choices *Dowsing for identifying and removing blockages to what you desire *We will go over using fan charts to your advantage for buying and selling *We will identify if we are in balance and harmony with our desires and how to do quick clearing or corrections as needed. Charts and instruction sheets provided Cost: Love Donation

  • Shamanic Journey Series - Connecting With Your Allies

    Soul Inspiration

    Shamanic Journeying Series - Connecting with Your Animal Allies We will begin by opening up sacred space, please bring a rattle or drum if you have one. The shamanic journey is a way of finding answers, information, healing, wisdom and knowledge as well as guidance or help with one’s personal life. During the journey you will meet with spirits who may be regarded as ancestors, elders, gods, goddesses, deceased shamans, spirit guides, power animals and angels. These beings are seen as beings with great wisdom, power and the ones who are willing to help with guiding the living. Cost: $20

  • Spirit Gallery Readings

    Soul Inspiration

    Spirit Gallery Readings Cheryl Ramsey & Maureen Hauer will bring forward messages from the spiritual realms. Be it your crossed over loved ones, spirit guides or any other benevolent beings who have messages to share with you. We hope you will join us for an afternoon of magic and healing with Spirit! Cost: $33

  • The Magic Traveling Power of the Hot Rock Salt Pack

    Soul Inspiration

    This workshop is being offered exclusively by Sue Russo for the first ]time since 2017. Be the first to get in on this exciting class. In today’s world of multiple stresses and imbalances everyone should know how to use this process simple, relaxing and empowering process. For thousands of years salt has been prized for its many uses and qualities. From preserving and spicing food to warding off evil spirits, its importance in our lives is unmistakable. Did you know one of those qualities is the ability of the “etheric” body of the salt to travel? Heating rock salt allows the “etheric” body of the salt to separate from the physical salt and when instructed carry messages and instructions into the human body. Now, this ancient wisdom and process is available for you to use in your own home and if you are a health or energy practitioner it is a great tool to set you apart and add to your offerings. Discover for yourself how to utilize this traveling power of the rock salt pack. My family has used these for everything from back pain to low thyroid, from job promotions to subconscious blocks and stuck emotions , from colds to muscle strains. Don’t be fooled by YouTube videos and hot rock salt pack explanations online. None of them have the secret to putting the etheric body of the salt to work for you. In this class you will learn the hidden ingredient to harnessing this power of the salt. Would you like to: * harness this power to improve your health? * let go of anything, yes, I said anything, that’s stuck in your body? * relax and have self renewal time while the salt works its magic? * have an additional service to offer your clients? * help your friends and family with this amazing and simple process? * enjoy a warm, soothing, relaxing pack on a cold winter night? * I will be demonstrating the entire process live from beginning to end with a volunteer from the class. Cost: $47