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Hello to everyone interested in personal and spiritual growth as well as exploring and developing their psychic abilities. Have you ever thought you are or might be “intuitive?” Have you said to yourself, “I may be intuitive, but I’m not psychic….?” Or have you recognized some psychic ability but don’t know how to use or develop it? Have you wondered, “What is the connection between spirituality and psychic ability?”

At 1:00, we will start with a few minutes of eating, greeting and meeting. (I provide a main dish and everyone is encouraged to bring something to share. ) New members are always welcome, and this is a good time to get to know others who are on a similar spiritual path.

Each week we will have a specific topic of discussion. At approximately 1:15 we will begin discussion on the announced topic.....so come prepared to enter the discussion....books you've read, questions about which you are curious, experiences you've had.....just open discussion. I will bring some information about the topic as well.

This is a discussion meant for exploring current limits, challenging them, and supporting each other in moving beyond them in a loving, safe environment. It is also meant to open our minds to greater possibilities and to reach for greater understanding of ourselves, our universe, and our own purpose as "spirit having a physical, human, experience" on earth.
At about 1:15 we will have a guided meditation that MAY have relevancy to the discussion topic. The length and focus of the meditation will be determined both by the discussion topic and the needs / desires of the group.

Because we frequently have prayer requests, "spirit" visitors, and personal concerns that can be elucidated by having the group connect to and "read" the energy, we MAY have a reading time to practice intuitive and psychic skills after the meditation. Additionally, some topics are directly associated with specific intuitive and psychic abilities and skills. At the meetings for those discussions: mediumship, psychometry, channeling, connecting to Higher Self, etc. we may have a more extended practice session. either that day, scheduled for the next Sunday, or scheduled for another time for those who want to explore the topic in greater depth with more extensive practice.
Each week discussion may begin BEFORE the meetup.....the topic will be announced by the previous Thursday (usually before).
I want members to be engaged in choosing the topics. Here are some that come to mind: Soul Journey / Purpose

Channeling Messages

Soul Retrieval

Medical Intuition

Soul Contracts

Conversational Channeling

Dream Interpretations

Past Life Regression

Psychometric Readings

Future Life Progression


Guided Meditations

Card Readings (Spirit, Angel, Tarot)

Managing and Working With Subtle Energies

Using Knowledge Ethically

Living in Balance

Opening / Balancing Chakras


I really love facilitating this group and meeting all the wonderful people interested in coming together and supporting each other in personal, spiritual growth as well as intuitive, psychic development!

One last thing: to be sure we maintain a safe, supportive environment, I ask that members go to the Message Board and read (and agree to) the Ethics Statement. Once you have read it, please send me a message, with or without comment. A reply is assumed to mean agreement.

Love and Blessings,

Joann Schweitzer

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