What we're about

This community is aimed at those who are interested in spiritual expansion, exploration and Higher Consciousness. We do this through events, workshops and something we call Blue Soul Circles, which are held in Marin, San Francisco and the East Bay.

We are a couple who channel Higher Dimensions together. The events, workshops and circles we host provide energy healing, ancient wisdom through the Ascended Masters we channel from the other realms and insights and teachings around all things related to Consciousness. This includes chakra balancing, clearing and alignment, past life information, sacred journeys, connections to your own Spirit Guides during our circles, energy healing and more.

Our workshops and events have included: Intention & Manifestation, Past Life Clearing, Chakra Clearing & Alignment, Vision Boards, Samhain and other seasonal ceremonies, Fire Circles, Dinner with the Spiritual Realm, Crystal Grids for Healing, Sound Baths for Sound Healing, Study with Ascended Masters and more. Note that our Ascended Masters and Guides often teach others how to heal themselves and others through interactive sessions during our weekly circles and it can be very powerful -- many say, transformative.

There is no religious dogma in anything we do -- we embrace all walks of life and belief systems. We embrace and celebrate both the unique individuality and universality of consciousness. Our aim is to make people feel comfortable being "who" they are, regardless of what spiritual path they're on, for each soul has their own unique journey and we are merely here to assist the transitions and shifts to higher dimensions along the way. Questions on any of it, please feel free to reach out.

In love & light,

Renee & Anthony

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