What we're about

Hey lady,

You are living in the material world, you have a solid business, solid job, maybe children, maybe not. You exercise, you eat well, you like a beverage when 5pm hits (some days). You have some solid friends and do the things "normal" people do.

Your night stand is a collection of Law of Attraction, A Course in Miracles, Renowned Goddess of Desire.
You have an altar in your bedroom, love to draw Tarot cards and you meditate to connect with Spirit.

You yearn to talk spirituality and most of the people around you don't get it.

This is safe space! Let's be real and talk about the stuff beyond what real is.

We will gather to connect, host guest speakers, enjoy occasional experiences that

help us connect.

Past events (8)

Dance & Paint - New Moon Manifesting

The Co-Op at 1st

Dance & Paint - Heal Your Heart

Urban Sanctuary

Dance & Paint

Urban Sanctuary

Evening of Scientific Hand Analysis

Urban Sanctuary

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