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This group is for anyone interested in the Universe and its magnificent gifts that it has to offer us. Soul Journey meet-up is a non-judgmental and welcoming community. We are open to all Faiths, religions and practices. This meet-up is a community in which all participants share, teach, support and even learn from each other. This community of Enlightened Beings is open to those who are completely unsure of what this Universe has to offer to those who have exceptional gifts and experiences and everyone else in between. There are no requirements to join Soul Journey Meet-up other than having an open mind, a compassionate heart and a mindfulness to respect the growth and transformation of one's Self and another.

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What Drives Your Soul?

Anita's Home


All of us know we are more than body, skin and bones. We understand we are Consciousness. Before incarnating we decide if we will be thin, handicapped, or bald. We choose our bodies and personalities for our life lessons. Did you know you can shift your body after that life lesson is learned? We will learn how we can do this. We will also: * Actively activate our heart chakra and heart for the Earth plane and galactic, solar, universal, multiuniversal and other planesand take it a step further to activate the specific chakras of the Aquarian Age. * We will discuss other areas to upgrade such as relationships or the compassionate parts of us. * Self-Mastering- Finding the Joy in Simple Things. Often Lightworkers give low priority to their happiness and joy having forgotten about the pleasure of life. Before you arrive please list three or four things to prioritize. For example, what you eat, a relationship or finances. * The Self- Mastering piece of this meetup will help find what drives your soul. From this, we move on to the Levels of Self-Realization. * There is a book about ancient teachings and ancient wisdom which is kept by Lord Merlin, The Book of Secrets. You will be given steps to open the Book of Secrets when you are ready through meditation or sleep. This book help one to see how everything in the universe were put together to crate certain energetic formations before they became physical realities. This book also contains secrets of creation. * We will then with a journey to meet your personal dragon that is a small dragon inside your belly button, your power center and end with learning how to do do a power thought. Please bring your priorities and a notebook and pen for notes after each module. There is an energy exchange for this meetup. I do not wear a mask as I believe in the power of thought, belief and Divine Healing. You may wear a mask should you feel the need to, but I will not require attendees to wear one.

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Rock Painting with Judy

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