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This group is for anyone interested in the Universe and its magnificent gifts that it has to offer us. Soul Journey meet-up is a non-judgmental and welcoming community. We are open to all Faiths, religions and practices. This meet-up is a community in which all participants share, teach, support and even learn from each other. This community of Enlightened Beings is open to those who are completely unsure of what this Universe has to offer to those who have exceptional gifts and experiences and everyone else in between. There are no requirements to join Soul Journey Meet-up other than having an open mind, a compassionate heart and a mindfulness to respect the growth and transformation of one's Self and another.

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28 Day Soul Coaching® Program

Anita's Home


The Soul Coaching 28 Day Program assists participants in discovering their True Self, freeing them to live their Authentic Self, This gift allows you to clearly receive communication from your Soul and in that, live more fully and joyously in the present. This 28 Day program is simple, yet extremely profound and effective. There will be five sessions in which we will meet in person and do activities and discuss and share our experiences , discoveries and questions. There will be a sixth session which will be decided on for a Vision Quest. (We will meet each week on Tuesday Feb 19-March 19) Each day for 28 days participants will listen to a short 2-4 min meditation and then do an activity or lesson for the day. We will meet for a sixth session for a Vision Quest which will be done as our Native Ancestors have done before us. The Soul Coaching 28 Day program reflects on and heals the physical, the mental, the emotional and the Spiritual parts of our lives. As your Soul Coach, I am available to you as needed during and after the program. This is a group activity ($225.00 for the entire 28 day program) You may also choose to do this independently ( $325.00) or entirely as an online program without attending the sessions ($175.00).

Connecting to Fae/Planning a Fairy Garden

Anita's Home


Have you ever noticed a strong floral scent wafting around you and you are not yet near the flowers? Or perhaps, the colors of flowers or the green in plants seem more vibrant, attracting your attention. These are meant for you. (Anita is a Certified Fairyologist and Realm Reader.) The Elementals are in our water and in the air. They help us in many ways in Nature and within our lives. We will begin by discussing Fairies, Gnomes and other Elementals. Who and what they are. Two-thirds of the world acknowledges these beautiful Beings, except here in the United States. What is their purpose? Then, we will share our experiences on planting a garden for Fairies. I will be adding more lilac bushes to our circle of lilacs to provide a dancing circle for the Fae. What plants attract fairies? What do they not like? There will also be a hand-out with flowers, trees and shrubs and their metaphysical gifts that they offer us in our lives. A meditation to meet Elementals or Fae will conclude the meetup. For the best results, be sure to avoid processed foods, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, sugar, meat and unnecessary medications. The cost of hand-outs will be the only cost incurred for members. $2.00

TLC for the Energy Body session II

Anita's Home

We know that our thoughts and beliefs have an immediate impact on our physical body, but they also have an impact on all of our etheric bodies and travel to the Universe. Our energy bodies are not on automatic pilot; the more we attend to our energy systems, the better we feel and the more heightened our sense of Self as well as our intuitive abilities. This is the second of several meetups designed to teach exercises (no, not the ones that you have you sweat and turn into a pretzel) and practices to balance the body's energy systems and keep them humming. You will find these energy exercises uplifting and you will feel more energized physically. These exercises not only assist you in connecting your systems, allowing your awareness to expand, these exercises will protect your energy systems from others. Some of the simple exercises in this meetup and following meetups will: 1) Reprogram your Rhythm, Stress Program- fear, anger sympathy and learn how they relate to seasons 2) Overcome Despair 3) Cramped Muscles I like to make handouts so that you do not have to take notes and have the exercises and practices to take with you. I only ask that Sacred Soul's attending the meetup make an energy exchange of $3.00 to cover the printers cost.

Accelerating our Ascension - Base Chakra and Personal direction

We will learn how the Base (root) chakra will look different in 5D and the purposes of the Base in 3D and 5D. We will do a mediation to expand our Base Chakra. The second part of this meetup is to draw an Ascension card. Each member will draw a card for their personal Ascension journey. We will all help each other with the meanings and visions of these cards.

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