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Soulful Leader Circle Community is birthed from a place of passion to support Feminine Leadership From the Inside Out. Leaders who come together in a safe space to create and expand meaningful connections, share wisdom and provide more support for a balanced, joyful, healthy and conscious soulful life.

Who is the Soulful Leader?

Someone who is ready to fully claim her Bright Light

Someone who is open to grow and evolve into the essence of who she is as a Soulful being

Someone who is open to go beyond what they have been told or conditioned to believe who they really are

Someone who honor themselves and respects others’ cultural diversity, ethnicity, beliefs or sexual orientation because we all belong here in our universe

The Soulful Leader is a loving person , a peaceful Pearson , a person who seeks growth for them self, others and the world.

Collectively, let’s shine our bright light to be an example of a thriving community that facilitates new levels of relationship building, community dialogue where our voices are heard, our creativity is expressed and our Bright spirits are felt to forge a new and powerful direction for Soulful leaders in our communities..

I welcome you to the Soulful Leader Circle Community

Why Join Soulful Leader Circle Community?

As a one of a kind personal development and growth women's community in the North Suburbs of Chicago, we invite you to join our growing, supportive and thriving Soulful Leader Cirlce Community to:

Create a deeper understanding of who you are

Meet other like minded people who, like you, ready to grow and evolve collectively as Soulful human beings to share their stories, be heard and be acknowledged

Learn best tools and way's to have a more balanced life in every area of your life

Share your brilliance and wisdom to make a positive change in your life and those you meet

Build lasting authentic and deep friendships

This is a safe zone, and we encourage both men and women to join us at I AM Bright Community Events. workshops and circles

About Sahar Nafal

Dear Soulful Leaders Community,

It's an honor to have lead over 300 live events, gatherings and workshops for the past 20 years. Ten years ago, after leaving an unhealthy abusive relationship of 18 years and losing everything, I began The Bright Side of Life Women's Gathering quietly in my family room with 6 members. Since then, The bright side of life community has welcome over 25,000 Bright souls who attended our live events in Northern California and now in Illinois.

In August of 2017, I moved to the North suburbs of Chicago ( more on why I moved here when we meet).

I m excited to start a new chapter as I continue to lead women communities and events now in the Midwest.

Welcome to the "Soulful Leader Circle" Community.

Can't wait to meet you!


Sahar Nafal

Your Soulful Leader

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Soulful Leader Circle -"Trusting The Unknown"

Privet Residence


“Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon, nor too late. You don’t have to like it…it’s just easier if you do.” ~ Byron Katie Dear Soulful Leader, Attention Soulful Leader who is creating positive transformation in individuals, groups, companies, organizations and the world. What does it mean to trust the unknown? “When you trust the wisdom of life, you’ll trust the unknown” I grew up, like many, constantly hearing that the world around me was a fearful and hostile place, and being exposed to painful and unhappy experiences, circumstances, war and hatred, I slowly but surely began to drift away from that trust. I began to think that I am all alone and helpless. Learning to trust and to navigate the unknown, was a big learning challenge for me. In the past 15 years, I have had the privilege to do my inner work with some of the most gifted spiritual mentors and healers whom I’ve learned the art of surrender from. To allow Spirit, the Power bigger than myself, to guide me and to lead me through life’s challenges has been a learning process. As we continue to do the work, we learn that life is easier when we embrace what is happening in the present moment and to trust the unknown. We learn that by trusting the process of the unknown, we open our hearts to love and faith that no matter what happens to us and all around us, we will always be safe and that the universe is on our side. When we trust the process of the unknown, we open our heart to love and faith that no matter what happens to us and all around us, you will always be safe and that the universe is on your side. There are many things you can do to help you trust the unknown; so many things that are meant to help you realize that the whole universe is at your service and you have nothing to fear or worry about. Join us on July 18th at our Soulful Leader Circle, where I’ll be sharing seven keys to help you trust the unknown and surrender to what is! I am thrilled to be facilitating this important topic. I recently did a Facebook live on our Soulful Leader Circle. Topic; "Trusting The Process of What Is". Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SoulfulLeader/permalink/321457262136831/ Join our FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SoulfulLeader/ Soulful Leader Circle is intended to create space in this pivotal time where we are shifting, changing and transforming. By coming together, sharing our stories, and having meaningful, heartfelt conversations as women in leadership, Meet Sahar Nafal Sahar Nafal, founder of “The Soulful Leader Circle Community” who has devoted her business to assisting women by building stronger, deeper, and more passionate communities worldwide. Sahar is an award-winning entrepreneur, with over two decades of experience as a community leader, mentor, speaker & trainer. * A Delicious Healthy Lunch will be served Member Shares "I am so grateful for you @Sahar Nafal, and all the other beautiful gifts I received today. Truly amazing and life changing. How cool of a group and an experience"🙏 ~ Salli "What a wonderful group of woman!! It felt safe and accepting. Thank you Sahar for creating and holding such a loving and heartfelt space" ~ Barb "What an amazing gathering of beautiful and honest women. I learned a lot from each one of you. Sahar thank you for doing this , you are a wonderful Person who just being out the best in us" ~ Janan "The meeting today was nothing short of an awakening. I left with my heart full of love & compassion to each and everyone as I’ve learnt a lot from you all. And thank you dearest @Sahar Nafal for hosting us and opening up your home to have us all" ~ Rima "Thank you @Sahar Nafal for a beautiful and enlightening gathering. I'm grateful for this group of willing, beautiful and courageous women" ~Sarah Early bird of $37 will end on July 10th. Regular price is $47. Same day $57 Register today, seats are limited to only 25 leaders Sahar Nafal Your Soulful Leader

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Soulful Leader Circle - Visibility and Being Seen

Privet Residence


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