What we're about

Soulful Leader Community is birthed from a place of passion to support Feminine Leadership to SoulFully step into their authentic self. We join together in a safe community to create and expand meaningful connections, share stories and provide more support for a balanced, joyful, healthy and conscious soulful life.

Who is the Soulful Leader?

Someone who is ready to fully claim her authenticity

Someone who is open to grow and evolve into the essence of who she is as a Soulful being

Someone who is open to go beyond what they have been told or conditioned to believe who they really are

Someone who honor themselves and respects others’ cultural diversity, ethnicity, beliefs or sexual orientation because we all belong here in our universe

The Soulful Leader is a loving person , a peaceful Pearson , a person who seeks growth for them self, others and the world.

Someone who is courage to share here truth thru storytelling

Collectively, let’s SoulFully be out authentic loving selves so we are the example of a thriving community that facilitates new levels of relationship building, community dialogue where our voices are heard, our creativity is expressed and our Soulful spirits are felt to forge a new and powerful direction for Soulful leaders in our communities..

I welcome you to the Soulful Leader Community

Why Join Soulful Leader Circle Community?

As a one of a kind spiritual women's community in Illinois, we invite you to join our growing, supportive and thriving Soulful Leader Community to:

Create a deeper understanding of who you are

Meet other like minded women who, like you, ready to grow and evolve collectively as Soulful human beings to share their stories, be heard and be acknowledged

Learn best tools and way's to have a more balanced life in every area of your life

Share your brilliance and wisdom to make a positive change in your life and those you meet

Build lasting authentic and deep friendships

This is a safe zone, and we encourage women to join our events:

Soulful Leader Circles Monthly

Soulful Speaker Lab quarterly

SoulFully You Immersions 3 times a year

Soulfully US 4 day retreat twice a year

We welcome you to the Soulful Leader Community.

Can't wait to meet you!

Sahar Nafal

Your Soulful Leader

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