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A sound healing session is probably like nothing you’ve ever tried before. It’s truly musical medicine that awakens and heals the Spirit!

The body is your temple and is made up of energy and a network of vibrational fields vibrating at different frequencies. When out of rhythm, disease and disharmony result. Therefore vibrational sound healing can address these imbalances and blockages that form within our energy channels. Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls along with gongs, chimes and many other instruments produces the vibrations that help open, clear and balance the entire chakra system and re-energize the auric field, making healing possible on all levels.

​The notes of the singing bowls are tuned to the specific frequencies found within the human body and when the sound moves through the room and is projected into the body, it causes our cells to move in different directions at different speeds in rhythm with the sound wave. When we listen to these vibrational sound waves, they are able to touch our bodies on a molecular and crystalline level. This entrains our brain and puts us in harmony with the sound waves and the universe.

The sound penetrates deep into our very cells and rebalances them through oscillation and resonance. Studies have proven that sound has a direct impact on our mental processes, the nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system and so much more. Alignment with the these crystal tones is one of the most dynamic forms of sound healing found today.

Within minutes you will slip into a blissful state of receptivity and relaxation.

Bring a YOGA MAT and your comfy clothes! Please arrive 15 minutes early to get cozy in your spot.

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Rebecca Leigh Morey,
Integrated Holistic Practitioner, Emotion Code-Certified

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Luminary Yoga & Wellness

Restorative Yoga with Sound Bath Healing

Luminary Yoga & Wellness

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