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"Higher Vibrations!" - Manipulating Energy through Sound and Harmony
Our group is dedicated to the practical application of sound, vibration and Harmony to influence the mind-body-spirit. I am a composer, musician, scientist, and member of the Mind-Body Department of Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I encourage you to try our group. I teach a weekly 'walk-in choir' to improvise quickly and use their voices to activate their hearts and mind. The music I have composed elevates the spirit and creates deep, long-lasting highs. My music is based on pure harmonies, engaging lyrics and fractal mathematics. However NO music reading skills are required! We create heightened states of spiritual connection, joy and physical/mental health. Join us any Monday at 6:30. Attendance ranges from 6-14 depending on the week. This is a very creative experience which will nurture and strengthen your mind-body-spirit. SYNOPSIS: Higher Vibrations! is a study in using your voice to direct energy within your body and to others. We focus on production of a quality sound, learning specific techniques for moving sound in order to stimulate the energetic Field. Harmonic structure influences the essential quality of all healing modalities. Singing inHarmony moves energy through the body in a way which is unique to the mind-body-spirit experience. Drop in any Monday night - our study is a continuous unfolding series of sound healing tools. HG WHEN/WHERE: Every Monday evening from 6:30-8:30 PM at 730 E. Rowlands Lane in Phoenix. THE EXPERIENCE: The music is easy to sing, creates numerous opportunities for singing harmonies and encourages improvisation. Music reading skills are not required. Our music is uplifting, spiritual, and features lyrics which reference Love, Harmony, Energy, the Field, Overtones, Cosmos and a Vibrational Universe. We welcome anyone who loves to sing, including shower singers, freeway divas and karaoke crooners. INSTRUCTOR / VISION: HG Moses, director of the Institute of Harmonic Science facilitates a unique style of group singing which allows anyone (regardless of their level of musical education) to experience the joy of making music with others in a meaningful and expressive way. For nearly a decade, HGM has developed and experimented with a variety of protocols and methods for creating a "spontaneous tabernacle choir" experience in which creates a sense of communion through a full mind-body-spirit venture. Singing together in Harmony merges the mind, heart and consciousness. Higher Vibrations! appeals to those who seek to deepen their spiritual experience. We are non-sectarian. "I believe in Harmony, and Harmony believes in Me." REPORTED BENEFITS: • immediate stress reduction • greater inner peace • heightened focus & clarity • altered states of consciousness • extended moments of bliss • uplifting attitude adjustments • increased stamina and improved energetic flow FEE: $10 suggested donation to the Institute of Harmonic Science. OPEN TO: Meetup members are welcome to bring friends. NOTE: the size of our group is always much larger than the number of people registered through Meetup. TAG LINE: Experience the power of the now through the Harmony of the moment... SPONSORED BY: "Higher Vibrations!" is an outreach of the Institute of Harmonic Science, a 501c.3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to utilizing Harmony to transform the world one note at a time.

The Institute of Harmonic Science

730 E. Rowlands Lane · Phoenix, AZ


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This group is highly experiential! I believe that sound healing and energy medicine should be something which you can feel, see the effect of, and know to be valid through direct experience. Our events are centered around presentations in which sound healers and vibrational medicine practitioners will share their techniques, devices and protocols through extended example. We will also have 'open mic' evenings in which there will be round table group discussion regarding new research, new products as well as new applications for traditional sound healing modes. Sound healing and vibrational medicine are two powerful and growing modalities which are rapidly influencing the medical community. This group will satisfy you both intellectually and spiritually. If you enjoy ISSSEEM or IONS, you will appreciate our desire to balance the worlds of the physical and metaphysical.

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