Sound Bath Yoga - A Journey Through the Chakras Wed Aug 7 at 7pm Enerchi Yoga


July hit us with an astrological storm - two new moons, a solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, topped off with Mercury Retrograde (oh my!). You're probably still being affected by these energies which means it's time to release the old and charge forward into the new. To help this internal shift along, we invite you to join us for a special evening of deep relaxation through Sound Bath Yoga. The combination of chakra-tuned singing bowls and restorative yoga will help you get “unstuck” from physical, mental, and emotional blockages. We have sold out the last 2 months. We can not guarantee you a space as a walk in. To reserve your space, please reserve your ticket with your purchase.

To begin, Vanessa will guide you through a series of gentle yoga poses to help prep the body for sound healing. The practice will include a maximum of 6-8 poses held for 6-8 minutes each. The poses involve minimal effort and are suited for all levels of practitioners. Each pose is designed to stimulate each of the 7 chakras followed by a long savasana where the sound healing will begin.

Vanessa Manning has been practicing yoga for 18 years and knows first-hand the transformation that yoga can bring to the body, mind, and soul. She received her 200RYT from the School Yoga Institute in Guatemala with shamanic and mystical influences. She employs a mix of alignment-based asana, meditation, and breathwork to cultivate greater awareness in the physical body and beyond. Her personal practice and teaching continuously evolve as she draws inspiration from many different forms of yoga, shamanic practitioners, and healers.

The Sound Bath portion of the event will be led by Denise Foster - a Reiki Master/Teacher with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in Chakra Balance Crystal Healing sessions that incorporate Sound Healing. Her healing energy is amplified while playing the bowls allowing her to clear the space for a truly transcendent experience. She will play the Crystal Singing Bowls with Wave Drum, Mystic Chimes, Rain Stick, Tuning Forks, Bells, and Tongue Drum to release dense and stressful energies. Tune into your inner self as gentle vibrations wash over you and harmonious sounds reduce your brain wave activity. Sacred Sound is also known for relaxation, pain removal, and self-awareness. You may find your chakras are bought into balance, while your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are aligned.

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Enerchi Yoga 2100 Cheshire Bridge Rd Atlanta 2nd floor.