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This meet up is for those who would like to raise their vibration and experience wellbeing. In this meet up, the use of crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gem stones and essential oils will allow participants to have a first hand experience to what these powerful modalities can accomplish.


*Singing bowls –made 99,9% from pure clear quartz

*Tuning Forks

Pythagoras ( philosopher and mathematician , 550 B.C ) believed in a

singing universe which he poetically termed “the music of the spheres “Lyre

was the main instrument the Pythagoreans used to heal the soul. Tuning

forks are like a modern lyre , which is always in tune.

Our bodies can be tuned like musical instruments. When they are

properly tuned we have a sense of well-being and perfect self expression.

Links below are videos of scientific research you may find very interesting:

*Consciousness & Intent Dr. Masaru Emoto -

*Dr Mitch Gaynor The Harmonic Destiny of Healing

*Second Opinion with Mehmet Oz Featuring Dr. Michell Gaynor on Sound Healing

*A conversation with Biologist, Speaker and Author Dr. Bruce Lipton about his experience of the Soundshower and his understanding of vibrational healing . Talking about how and why sound works and helps to reduce stress and pain and restores a more harmonious being.

- The combination of sound healing with crystal bowls and tuning forks, are beneficial for stress relief and wellbeing. However they do not replace medical advice or treatment and are not indented as such. -

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