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Healing Sound Immersion
Healing Sound Immersion
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Dragonfly Yoga Studio

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This is a collaboration between Alana Weathersbee, yoga instructor, and Mark Torgeson, sound healer. It will be a time of silence for those who have had some experience with yoga and don't need any explanations regarding sound healing.

Alana's vision:
"My goal is for people to come in and enjoy a silent retreat. A time away from all the holiday preparations and the stress that comes from all of that. During the 90 minute yoga class we will only name the poses that are happening when needed. The snack time will be silent."

Afterwards we will progress silently into the Healing Sound Immersion with no introduction or explanation, and so have a full hour of sound. Afterwards there will be no processing out but participants will silently leave.

If you prefer to attend the Healing Sound Immersion portion only, the cost will be $25. Yoga will end at 2:30; at that time there will be a 30 minute transition time, during which you can enter and silently settle yourself with your yoga mat and blanket. The sound immersion will start promptly at 3:00 PM, and at 4:00 the session will end, at which time you may depart silently.

(Any questions for Mark are welcome at this time.)

From Mark:
"I look forward to this time of Silence. My preference is not to explain the process or spend time afterwards processing out; most simply, to go deeply without words into the experience of Sound and appreciation of Silence. "

Description of Healing Sound Immersion:
Update the Vibrational Frequencies in your energy system, release dated behavior patterns, and clear the way for increased balance and flow.

Healing Sound bypasses the mind. It's one of the most effective ways to gain clarity, a renewed sense of purpose and to open your heart. Sound frequency, expectation and pure intent creates a force which travels deep to your core and awakens the more expanded part of who you are. When you learn to let go and accept the healing sound your heart opens, your energy matrix expands and you release emotions and beliefs no longer serving you. This deep sound immersion is simple yet profound and has a lasting transformative effect, clearing the aura of EMF waves and calcified thought patterns. Come and enjoy a time of traveling and healing, and remembering your wholeness!

Instruments Used: Crystal & Tibetan singing bowls, Gong, Meditative Flutes & Drum, Tuning Forks, Bells, Didjeridu

Alana Weathersbee completed her 200 hr teacher training at Kripalu in 2006. “Yoga has taught me that everybody is different and with the right modification anyone can do yoga. Its so important to exercise not only the body but also the mind. My motto is ‘Once you stop using it, you lose it.'” Soon after getting her certification Alana began teaching to college students and working professionals in the community. As an adjunct professor at NVCC, she had the privilege to teach younger folks the beauty of yoga and how it can enrich their daily lives on and off the mat. In 2011, Alana moved to Fredericksburg and started a family. These days, she’s learning how to juggle being a mom and a yogini.

Mark Torgeson has been a practicing Reiki Master and massage therapist for 28 years, and a musician for 40 years. He has produced over 30 albums of transformational music which have aired on all continents. He teaches workshops on Healing Sound, performs concerts of transformational music, and has cofounded Center for Planetary Awakening for raising consciousness in the new paradigm.

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Cost: $35 Yoga & Sound Immersion / $25 Sound Immersion only

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