Native American Flute Training

Healing Sound Immersion
Healing Sound Immersion
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Ever have the desire to play a musical instrument that sounds
like the wind, to make beautiful sound without having to try, to be
in touch with the most peaceful part of yourself that harmonizes
with Nature? Well, this is the place to start! Learn the foundational principles of Native American Flute playing: the scales, how to
make birdsounds, how to breathe, how they are constructed,
where to buy one, and how to have total delight in this sound!

Also covered:
Vibrato and Tremelo
Pitch bending
Care of the flute
Pentatonic Scales
5 or 6 holes?
Recording the NA Flute
Breathing, use of one's diaphragm
Why different keys?
Differences in woods used
Difference between NA and other flutes
Online tuner

Mark Torgeson has been playing flutes with the birds
since he was a teenager. No trip to the mountains, beach or in
nature was ever complete without a friendly flute. He has a degree in music, and his album "Sacred Flutes" is available on iTunes. He
has composed over 30 albums of music which have aired on all
continents. He teaches workshops on Sound Healing and travels
worldwide performing in power spots and harmonizing with the
Nature Spirits.
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NOTE: The Crystal Bowl workshop will precede this training on the same day at 1:00 PM. If you desire to attend both, the total fee will be $99, a savings of $19. Please contact Hanover Yoga & Wellness.


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