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Please note: Mindful Sound and Voice sessions will start again on Wednesday, September 19 in the Quaker Meeting House, 63 Crannagh Road, Rathfarnham, from 7.45 to 9.15.

Awakening your true sound through meditation, listening, movement, speaking and toning.

Massage yourself from the inside out!

You may be thinking 'me sing? You must be joking!'

This isn't about becoming a 'singer' or a 'speaker' but about letting go of the conditioning you may have about expressing yourself through voice, either speaking or singing. Maybe you were put out of the choir, or told that you were too quiet ('speak up!') or too noisy ( 'don't you ever shut up?'). These experiences are very common and can inhibit us from being comfortable with our own sound. They can create a disconnect between our inner and outer world, between our head and our heart.

Your authentic voice is the muscle and mouthpiece of your soul, the most intimate expression of your true nature. Your voice is like your sonic fingerprint, unique to you. No-one else has exactly the same way of expression.

You become your own instrument, and can use your voice for emotional healing and creative expression.

Singing or vocalising makes us feel euphoric because the act of making music floods our bodies with dopamine and other positive hormones.

Our sessions will feature a combination of:

Meditation: Silence is the source of our sound. It plays a central role in bringing us into an intimacy with our own unique sound. Silence is the source of your sound.

Sound instruments: Listen to and play Tibetan bowl, drum, gong and percussion.

Movement: Stress and tension are often held as frozen music in our body mind.

Listening: listening to the sound of who we are. Self-knowledge through sound. From self-consciousness to sound consciousness.

Speaking and toning:

Gradually and gently defrosting this frozen music, creating a more organic flow between our ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ worlds.

Join us as we empower ourselves with sound, healing ourselves through our own voice.

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Mindful Sound and Voice

Quaker Meeting House

Mindful Sound and Voice

Quaker Meeting House

Mindful Sound and Voice

Quaker Meeting House

Mindful Sound and Voice

Quaker Meeting House

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