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Join Karin Meyer-Reumann, Goolcher Kamal; The Power of Three (3 facilitators) will take you through an active and in active (listening) journey of Sound and Tone. One does not have to be a singer here, as these special vocals create different frequencies within, through and around you.

a) Your own voice will enhance your Self Expression.

b) By listening to Theta waves you receive deep relaxation, healing and all over well being.

c) By listening to Hemi-Sync's binaural beat CDs. Stress is relieved, you receive brain balancing with enhanced creativity and increased IQ.

d) By surrendering to the Planetary Gongs;

the chatter in your mind s t o p s.

Why is that? Sound and tones are free from personal perceptions, judgments and fixed thoughts. Sound frequencies clear your mind while keeping you calm; they heal your state of emotions and thoughts and therefore your cells.

Karin is a certified Gong and Sound Healer. She has conducted various Workshops in the Middle East, Europe and South America.

Goolcher and Lilly are Masters of Reiki, Theta Healing and Speed of Light Energy Transfer as well. They are going to support you on a personal level, while Karin plays the Gong or you listen to a sound. We welcome you to discover the Sound of your Soul.

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Relationship Miracles
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On Saturday, 26th of October, 10 am till 6 pm, Seminar. Disappointed in attracting wrong partner? Headaches in Relationship? Well, it start's with y o u ! It continues with you. Choose to create your partnership. Your benefits: We start with changing our mood into happiness. From this point we move forward. Now you can create your desire - you receive what you radiate. We learn, that Self Love is the base for love - if you cant"t love your Self (this has nothing to do with being selfish) - who shall love you? Initiation into Self Love. You receive who you are. We use EFT techniques (Emotional Freedom Technique). We change our sub conscious pattern. We use Theta waves (sound technique),. We get an entrance into our subconscious and have the tool and the strength to change our life. Trough Psychology we learn about human's and our selves. Sound Frequencies will help us to harmonize us for inner peace and love. (Having a positive electro magnetic field supports your desire) A method let's you know, what an other person feels about you. Understand your uniqueness and that you deserve fulfillment in being loved. Method of the Sphere of all Possibilities sets your statement. Cost: AED 550. You receive venue and day program after pre payment of AED 250.

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