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What we’re about

Learn how to successfully source property investment deals and make a living out of it!

Whether you are new to property investing or experienced, this workshop will give you an introduction of what you need to do to go out into the real world and start sourcing property deals.

Fed up of working full-time? / Want to sack your boss? / Want to earn more money? This workshop will give you the ability to make an informed decision as to whether sourcing properties is for you...and whether you can make a huge amount of money by doing it.

You will learn insider secrets involved in property sourcing, you will be given an introduction to the knowledge, tools, and teams you need in order to successfully source property.

Only come along (FOR FREE)  if you are seriously considering making money by sourcing properties.

What is Shane Academy? A London-based organization that trains individuals, companies, and corporates how to effectively and efficiently be better in negotiation, property investment, property sourcing and presenting. 

We believe that anyone with the will to learn can be taught how to be successful. The teachings can then be put into practice to improve results and conversions.

Our students are a testament to the results that can be achieved once an individual is equipped with the right knowledge and mentoring.