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Authentic Relating Games: Mistakes
THIS WEEK'S THEME: MISTAKES "Everyone makes mistakes." Sure, but who's good at admitting them? And who knows what helpful responses to give when they're told about someone else's mistake? Talking about mistakes is an opportunity to show care for ourselves and others. When we feel that sense of care, we're better prepared to learn from them, too. Let's play games that investigate mistakes we've made, how we learn from mistakes, and how we handle others' mistakes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WHAT IS THIS EVENT, ANYWAY? "Won't you be my neighbor?" asked Fred Rogers every day. He saw the value of getting to know the people right next to us. He wanted us to teach and learn from one another, support one another in little and big ways. Authentic Relating Games are structured interactions that investigate how we understand ourselves and others. We hold facilitated *group conversations*, answer *talking prompts* with a partner, and get into small groups to investigate deep topics. Sometimes we play simple improv games, too. You'll get to explore your accomplishments and challenges, and you'll learn more about the lives of others around you. Working at Orange, we get to know dozens of people. We see them every day, but how much do we know about them? What are they expert in? What little things have they tried before and learned from? Do they know about you and your varied life experience? Come explore all the things our community knows and does. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOW ON MONDAYS AND STARTING RIGHT AT 7:00 We're trying out two new things: 1) We're moving to a new day of the week, given how many lovely people have conflicting plans on Tuesdays. 2) We're also going to start playing right at 7:00 now to create more time for digging into the games without running late. Door is locked when games begin — if you arrive after that, try knocking loudly, or text the number posted on the door. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FOOD AND DRINK: Coffee, tea, and water are always provided. We'll have some healthy snacks available, too. DONATIONS: If you feel inspired to offer a donation, we take cash, Paypal gifts, and well as smiles, warm hugs, vigorous handshakes, words of appreciation, and all constructive feedback. ADMISSION: This event is for all curious adult humans (21-ish and up), not only Orange members! Invite your neighbors and friends. :-)

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