What we're about

Pretty laid back group. Targeted towards younger anime watchers (20s to mid 30s). If you like watching current anime airing in Japan, and love talking about shows as they go, this is the group for you :). We like to keep our group smaller to build relationships and have fun together watching anime and doing anime-inspired activities (anime movie premieres, cooking, karaoke, anime pilgrimages, conventions, hanami)!

We are looking for people who watch anime weekly so we can discuss series and share predictions/reactions/shipping. That being said, if you're trying to get back into anime and are open to different types of genres, feel free to stop by and we'll tell you some shows to get started on :D.

If you are new to anime we might ask you to watch a couple of shows we are currently watching before joining our group to see if you are comfortable with anime that you may or may not be used to watching.


At the beginning of a season, we do a screening of most of the (good) first episodes for a week or 2. For the screenings after, on average we will watch about 4 shows a week before dinner unless there are events occurring. Each show will be picked closer to Saturday of a variety of genres (voted by attendees). If you miss a week, we ask you to please catch up on your own before the next event.

Non-screening Socials:

Other than screenings we may do anime movies (if a new one comes out), ani-food cooking nights, or karaoke. As we get to know each other better, the group can also help facilitate other un-official hands on activities like sushi-making, cosplay gatherings, or ani-con trips.

We are open to suggestions to make the group more fun :D.

Basic Rules

Before Joining:

• Have a profile picture with a clear picture of your face. While we all like anime, it's better not to have anime characters as our avatars.

• We are passionate about watching new airing shows, if you only enjoy watching older classics, or are particular about a genre (like fighting/action/shonen), then maybe this is not the group for you.

• We prefer to talk about anime or other Japanese culture related hobbies during our meetup events. While individual members may be open to talk about other common hobbies, please remember to be inclusive of everyone who's present (not all anime fans naturally know about marvel/comic lore, Fate/Go, Idol Fandom. or Touhou, or KanColle or Nobunaga's rise to fame).


• Once you apply, there will be a follow up message from the leadership team to get to know you better before processing your request (to gauge activeness and whether you will be a right fit for the group). This isn't a formal interview process, but gives us a chance to know the real you :).

• Membership Approvals may take some time, we are trying our best!

• The questions may seem a bit much but in general, but it is to gauge your personality towards watching anime. Everyone has different tastes, we do not judge your tastes but we need to know you a bit more to understand if you can fit in our group to avoid feeling awkward in the group. We prefer more open minded anime weekly watchers, if you only watch to watch one genre or older shows then this group may not be for you.

After joining:

• If you RSVP to an event, please show up. Repetitive no shows (usually 3) will result in being removed from the group.

• If you do not join a meetup event (you must be physically present at the meetup) repeatedly, you may be removed from the group to accommodate new members (we got a member cap).

• If you have to cancel/change your RSVP, please try to do so at least 24 hours before the event unless it is an inevitable emergency.

• All of our events are smoking and drug free, while a majority of them will be dry (feel free to order alcohol during meals if you want though).

• There are no requirements to participate in events on a periodic basis. That being said, there will be periodic filtering for inactivity in order to make room for new active members (right now the group size limit is 50 people). Activity could include both participating in physical meet ups as well as starting/taking part in discussions on the meet up page.

Group Alum:

• Members leave the group for a variety of reasons (moving out of the area, busy period during their life, need some time to concentrate on career...). Please feel free to re-apply your life calms down and you feel like participating in this group again.

End of Rules Section

Feel free to message the leadership team with any questions, suggestions, or if you would like to help organize some events!

P.S. Great resource for seeing what's currently airing: (http://anichart.net) ;

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