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If you're interested in finding out about many DeFi techs out there for you to experiment and learn, please join us for a show-and-tell type of sessions.

Decentralized Finance market surged to over $1 bln in Feb 2020. A little more than a year ago its size hardly exceeded $50 mln. At the same time, in the report dubbed “DeFi #3–2020: The Borderless State of DeFi” published Jan 22 Binance noted “Ethereum-based DeFi’s user-side remains small, with an average number of more than 40,000 monthly users, and 90% of these users are using decentralized exchanges.”

Nonetheless, borrowing / lending platforms (f.e. Compound) and synthetic assets (Synthetix) had substantially expanded their user base to the end of 2019 (to 21 and 10 thousands accordingly).

This new industry is still in its infancy and the number of platforms / applications grows exponentially providing us with new opportunities outside of traditional crypto-exchanges.

It's became increasingly difficult to follow all latest developments in this increasingly complex international decentralized financial ecosystem. Let's us get together on regular meetups, share our experiences, learn new tools and exchange ideas.

We plan to hold our meetups in Hacker DoJo 1-2 a months at 3350 Thomas Rd #150, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Please, follow our announcements.

Those meetups are organized by SVETrating.com - the decentralized due-diligence communal platform, pioneering the use of a multi-dimensional rating scale spanning blockchain companies as well as startups.
SvetRating is nestled in South Bay and curated by a local community of decentralization enthusiasts and blockchain coders.

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P.S.: you might examine my professional credentials here: http://firstinternational.in/svetsedov/

I will also appreciate all your questions, comments, suggestions and critic in my Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/I5eQ-A6FSC2vXg_PNgFwJw

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