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Trying this out, no idea where this is gonna go yet... but I'm a huge Guild Wars 2 fan (have been since the first game's beta days), I still remember my freshman year in college when I jumped online to the gw1 beta lol. So yeah, I thought it would be cool to meet some other GW/Anet fans here in the Bay area. I spent too much hours in this game already it'll be refreshing to instead actually hang out, have fun, theory craft, with Asura or Charr fans alike... :D The point of this Meetup group is to provide a chance for us to get out of the house away from our computers and heroes for a while and be social, and make new friends :) Perhaps we could all leave our favorite guilds to start a Bay Area guild? That would be super cool too. Well, go post a Hello in the Discussions page if you join this group, especially share with us your IGN (in-game name) so we could all meet up with you in game too. More about me, as far as GW2 is concerned: I'm an Asura at heart. I have my own Asura horde, 8 of them, along with my all-asura guild lol. However, I've not be active in the game for the past 2 to 3 months now (Living Story season ended)... I'm hoping to be able to change that with this Meetup group!

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