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South Bay (Los Angels) JVM User Group is a group of people interested in all languages, API's, and applications running on the Java Virtual Machine. The group meets monthly to discuss presentations on Java, Groovy, Scala, and other JVM languages. Mobile, Web, and Desktop (thick) application developers are all welcome. You can connect with us via Meetup or join the mailing list.

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Java, from 9 to 11 - New Features !

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Abstract: Java 9 was released in 2017, from then on Oracle has been updating Java twice a year. In 2018 September, Java 11 was released. Let’s check out what are the new features for the most popular primary programming language on our planet! 1. Java 9: 1.1 Project Jigsaw: modularization 1.2 JShell 1.3 G1 garbage collector 1.4 Private methods in the interface 1.5 Enhancement in Optional class 1.6 Enhancement in @Deprecated 2. Java 10: 2.1 Local Variable Type Inference: var 2.2 Unmodifiable List, Set and Map 3. Java 11: 3.1 Enhancement in String class 3.2 Single file source code program 3.3 HTTP Client Standard Speaker Bio: Derek is a Full Stack Software Engineer at Tripadvisor. He is working on Viator's back-end development in Java. He has been working on Java related technologies for over five years.

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Postman And The REST API Workflow

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