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Bring your headphones or earbuds and come listen to meditation exercises! The recordings feature Hemi-Sync® and SAM® audio technology, supported by over 50 years of research at Monroe Institute, which enables the listener to reach deep states of consciousness faster and to hold those states longer. Emphasis is on expanding awareness and discovery of Self, with each individual serving as his or her own best teacher. We meet every 4-8 weeks for about 2 hours.

Topics covered may include Meditation • Hemispheric Syncronization • Out of Body Experience •Biofeedback • Spirituality• Astral Projection •Binaural Beats •Consciousness • Life Transformation • Dreams• Lucid Dreaming • Past Life Regression • Remote Viewing • Quantum Energy

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Join us for a Mediumship exercise and Shamanic Metamusic!

Venus by Desire

Let's do two more Hemi-Sync exercises!

Venus by Desire

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