What we're about

This group is for gamers looking for friends nearby for co-op play. We're open to anything from MOBAs, MMORPGs, FPS, PC-Gaming, board games, card games, console-games, and more! Below is a list of some awesome games we can play together.

Goal: Our goal is to relax, hang back, and play games! Hoping to make your gaming experience better with people you can hang out with and call your friends (:


• League of Legends

• Dota 2

• Dungeon Fighter Online

• Borderlands 2

• Ragnarok Online

• Star Wars Old Republic

Board Games:

• The Settlers of Catan

• King of Tokyo + expansion

Handheld/Console Games:

• Pokemon [All generations]

• Halo

• Super Smash Brothers

• Street Fighter

About the Organizer: I'll be playing/streaming a lot of League of Legends. We do a lot of in-house custom games and are open to new, intermediate, and experienced players. I hope this meetup allows us to take a break from solo-queue rampage and enjoy the company of playing with friends.

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League of Legends Gaming Nights
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Come mingle with us online! Post your IGN in the Summoner Name Discussion thread and add us. We're usually around crazy hours of the night. If we have too many people we can break out into fun in houses, ultimate bravery sillies, and more! Let's get our game on, make some new friends, and play league of legends!

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