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Nature Walk/Bioblitz
Want to learn more about California's Coastal Wetlands? Join us for a Nature Walk and an iNaturalist "Bioblitz" at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve ( There are over 5 million citizen scientists who share their observations from the natural world with the scientific community via iNaturalist. It’s easy to do. If you own a camera phone (or a fancy digital camera) you can take pictures and upload them to the iNaturalist community. To get ready for the BioBlitz: Download the iNaturalist ( app at the California Academy of Scientists ( Then start using the iNaturalist App in your local area. Start by taking pictures of local flora and fauna, and check out what other people are documenting in your area. Click on the Explore Icon at the bottom of the app and see what else is being documented. Click on the Observe Icon to take a picture. Click on the Me Icon to see the pictures you are taking. Click on more, projects, nearby, to see what projects are going on near you. Check out our observations on iNaturalist at our project: Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve: Then join us every month, 9am-11am. Hope to see you soon! Cheryl and Dave

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

· Huntington Beach, CA

What we're about

If you are interested in our coastal environment this Meetup is for you.


Citizen scientists' collective observations of plants and animals, wherever they're found, are beginning to create an important global record: what biodiversity is found where, how healthy populations are, and what's changing in the environment. By crowd-sourcing this kind of data collection and analysis via the BioBlitz, the citizen science movement helps science to answer some of the biggest questions we face today. (cal

If you can use a phone camera you can participate. How?

We will participate in "Citizen Scientist" Projects sponsored by the “California Academy of Sciences Citizen Science” project, the Los Angeles County Coastal Marine Protected Area (MPA) Network, the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Sea Grant Program at USC.

And let's create some of our own "BioBlitz" opportunities!


Go to the California Academy of Citizen Scientists ( website to learn more about participating in Bioblitz and download the iNaturalist app.

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