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If you are just starting out in photography or have been in it for a while, you'll fit in just fine shooting with us in the South Bay and beyond.

Our group is intended for members of all experience levels, and all photographic mediums. Our goal is to have a good time enjoying our hobby, meet new people who share the love of photography, go to places near and far, further ignite and explore the creative spark within ourselves and learn some new tips and techniques along the way. We will be scheduling photo trips to shoot nature, landscape, fine art, themes, and other genres using our local areas, cities, beaches, open spaces, industrial sites, some field trips and more.

Some of the recurring meetups will involve moderate hikes, nature walks and photography discussions over coffee. Almost all events will be free; though some events may have fees to cover the costs of renting a venue, hiring a guide, getting permits etc. Event details will be in the descriptions and any fees payable to the meetup group will be announced upfront. Occasionally, an event may be free, but the member would have to pay for their own ticket, parking etc.. We will try our best to anticipate such costs and include details in the event descriptions.

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Photo Share and Critique #2

Online event

This meeting will give us a chance to get together and share and critique each other's photos. Upload your photo(s) that you would like to share and have critiqued on this page. Please limit yourself to no more than 3 photos. Please be ready to talk about your photo(s): why did you take the photo? what inspired you? what were you trying to show? Also, be ready to talk a little bit about your editing process (if any). For example, what did you do to the image and why? This meeting is not tied to the weekly assignments; you can share any images you like. And of course you can share your photos from the weekly assignments if you like. The purpose of this meeting is to simply improve our photography, to help each other by positively sharing and critiquing our images. When critiquing an image, please do so in a positive way where the goal is to help improve without attacking. As far as time is concerned, we will try to give each person about 2-3 minutes per image to share and receive feedback. The images will be shared through the shared screen feature in zoom. Zoom has a 40 minute limit, so any images we don't get to we can set up another meeting. A good size to upload onto Meetup would be about 2000 pixels on the long end. We will go in order of how the photos appear here on this page. The photographer will go over one of their photos, then we will go on to the next photographer. This way everybody gets a chance to share. If the photographer is not present we will go on to the next. And so on. The zoom link and login instructions will be emailed to those who RSVP on the day of the event. Also, please make sure to enable emails from SouthBay Photography in your email settings.

At Home Photo Assignment #11: Complementary Colors

Needs a location

This week's assignment is Complementary Colors: two colors opposite each other on the color wheel. Complementary color combinations create a kind of color vibration. In this way, complementary colors can be utilized to create either tension or subtle vibrance. Red/green, blue/orange, and yellow/purple are basic examples of complementary combinations. There are also near complementary color combinations using colors adjacent to one of the pair. Complementary colors can add drama as each color can make the other appear more active. You can find complementary colors in fashion, flora, architecture, landscapes, food...just about every type of subject. Let's see what your creativity can do. I've included a color wheel in the photo section. While we're practicing social distancing we'll post an assignment each week. Post your shots the album and let's enjoy each other's ingenuity.

Napa Day (Paid Members Only)
Needs a date and time

Location visible to members

I would like to invite you to a day in Napa. We can photograph many beautiful buildings and wineries such as “The Beringer Winery”, “Robert Mondavi Winery”, “Opus One Winery”, “The Chateau Montelena Winery”, “The Castello di Amorosa”, and “The Culinary Institute at Graystone” to name a few. Every winery have a tasting room and even if you are not planning to taste wine, there are lots of great artifacts and works of are to photograph. Also, we can take a short drive to Calistoga to photograph the “Old Faithfull Geyser” ($ 14 Entrance fee) and the Tennessee Fainting Goats (mini goats) that habit the park. The drive to Napa is about 2.5 hrs from San Jose so we can organize some carpooling to save on gas. I would like to leave the bay area early enough to catch some of the morning light in at least one of the buildings (not sure which one yet). But you can arrive there later and meet the rest of us there.

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At Home Photo Assignment #10: Teeny Tiny

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