What we're about

Push hands, or tui shou (推手), is a two-person exercise used to develop body structure, balance, sensitivity, timing, coordination, mindfulness, and intent with cyclic offensive pushes and defensive neutralization/redirection movements. The exercise is most widely associated with the Chinese martial art of Tai Ji Chwan (Tai Chi).

Join us in a friendly environment for push hands practice and sharing with fellow Tai Chi practitioners, curious martial artists, movement enthusiasts, and those seeking to improve their health. This group is for anyone who is interested in learning about, improving their skills in, or understanding his/her own body more through the practice of push hands.

Control and respect are critical. We are not here to injure one another. We do not aim to "score a point", win, or one-up each other just by overpowering our partners. We practice without ego. From beginners to practitioners of varied backgrounds and experience levels, we will contribute to share and learn from one another.

This group is modeled after the Mission Push Hands group in Dolores Park in SF, which is apparently modeled off of the Ohlone Park push hands gathering in Berkeley.

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