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PLEASE READ: This Meetup group is part of a large network of Meetup groups devoted to Best Practices with Marketing Strategies. 
These Meetups are organized by;
• Sunil Bhaskaran <= click to know more.
Our primary intention is to enable you to connect with others in a natural, effective and professional way. We want you to conduct your networking in a way that is predicated first on building relatedness first. 
We have more than 120,000+ members total in all the bay area meetup groups and are growing by over 800+ new members per month globally.
This Business Meetup serves all cities within the Bay Area of Northern California. 
We meet regularly in person and usually invite ALL our groups to attend. There are ALWAYS more people at the Meetup than you will see in the RSVP. And if you belong to more than one of the Meetups we organize, you will get more than one announcement of the same Meetup.
We look forward to answering questions for you about your strategies in any of the following:
• inbound marketing • outbound marketing• social media marketing• search engine marketing• email marketing • marketing strategy • sales pitch and conversations • leadership • team building • time management • and much more!
See you at our next Meetup!
Sunil Bhaskaran
I want to Welcome ALL Business Networking People - Business Owners & Professionals to this group!
You will benefit from the other networking meetup groups that are used to market events to.
Have a combination of 80,000+ business networking members in the Bay Area - these members are invited to these business networking group meetings as well.
These meetups have been helping business people connect since May 2008.
The networking meetups are consistently rated highly in exit surveys in terms of value and satisfaction. You will love our meetings which are a combination of highly relevant trainings in marketing, selling, management, leadership, time management AND opportunities for networking.
"If you are serious about succeeding in business and life you've got to join this group and attend each and every networking event!!! ”
- Ayelet Gingold, Networking Events Connector Business Owner, San Jose
You will find our meetings to be valuable - in connections and in practicable tips that you can apply right away to your business! Come with the right attitude and you will be satisfied.
When I first started networking in business in 1991, I was a very shy engineer who had no clue about sales, marketing or running a business. I understand what it is like to start a business... as well as to make it successul. I started this group to give people who are experienced and inexperienced a valuable and effective time in building their business.
The following are the problems typical members share:
* Meeting Relevant People
* Getting concise and useful trainings on growing my business
We combine trainings with the networking to further leverage your time effectiveness
Our events are typically free of charge: i.e. no charge or fees apply unless explicitly stated.
Please drop me a line via email: with relevant questions and comments. I respond to ALL relevant questions and comments.
Kind Regards,
Sunil Bhaskaran 
Founder, Global Business Mastermind
P.S. Feel free to join our sister meetup groups in the Bay Area: http://www.meetup.com/find/?userFreeform%5B%5D=San+Jose%2C+California%2C+USA&userFreeform%5B%5D=San+Jose%2C+California%2C+USA&radius=100&radiusSet=true&show%5B%5D=results&show%5B%5D=results&sort%5B%5D=default&sort%5B%5D=default&keywords=sunil&mcId=c95101&lat=&lon=&gcResults=&op=search&events=

More information on Sunil
WEBSITE: https://sunilbhaskaran.com/
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunilbhaskaranspeaker/
ALIGNABLE free to join:  https://www.alignable.com/san-jose-ca/global-business-marketing-networking

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