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How to Re-parent yourself workshop
It’s not that our needs are wrong. It’s usually that we’ve been going about trying to get them met in the wrong way. Even when someone else wishes he or she could provide what was missing for us in our childhood, unless the original wounding has been sufficiently dealt with, it’s like water through a sieve. Until we are healed, it doesn’t matter how much someone loves us. The heart will soon be empty again, demanding to be fed with a ferocious hunger that refuses to be abated. An endless supply of ardor can do nothing to alter the deprivation of heart when one is emotionally anchored in the past. If you are “needy,” this is your indication that you are operating out old trauma and not functioning emotionally in present time. Is it a trauma for a child to not be cared for properly? Not to feel loved and tended to with consistency, kindness and adoration? Absolutely. Can the ravenous ache created by such a wounding ever truly be healed? Absolutely. But you must first be willing to give to yourself that which you did not get from your caregivers. You have to give up looking for others to give it to you. They can’t. You cannot get what was missing in your childhood from another person, until you actively engaged in doing all that you can to give it to yourself. It’s what is called “re-parenting yourself. For more information and to book,please follow link

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These groups are for people who are interested in personal growth and development... who are literally sick and tired of living life in survival mode and want more out of the life they are living here and now.

Breath4Life™ Breath Work is an exciting, dynamic, totally unique, cutting edge self-healing process, which deals with all levels of self, all levels of consciousness and all levels of energy, so healing occurs on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It incorporates Breath work therapy, life-skills, NLP techniques, life-coaching and written and non-written process work. It is a life-transforming journey of self-discovery into self awareness and freedom.

Breath4Life™ Breath Work allows you to access your subconscious directly so you can clear the clutter which is stopping you create the life you wish to live.

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